Greetings From The Dean

“We put magic into music every day!”

Dean Green

When I entered a music school for the first time in my life, I remember how excited I was to hear the many different musical sounds coming from all around me, and how all the more excited I was at knowing I was there to also learn how to play music.  I was in the place where music was being brought to life every day. I feel very fortunate to still have this excitement all around me, as I hear students of all ages and levels making music at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.  There is in my mind nothing that surpasses the magical moment of seeing a student’s face break into a big smile, after they have played their final note of the new piece of music they have just learned to play.  A great accomplishment!  We all need to feel this magic of bringing music to life, and at the Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM), we have over 120 highly trained professional Faculty, who are ready to help you do just that.  We welcome students of any age and level, and offer instruction in all genres, ranging from individual lessons, to group classes, to ensembles, and even self-directed online study.

I invite you to explore our six program areas, that together offer one of the most comprehensive and wide ranging selections of programs  you will find anywhere in Canada.  Our Early Childhood Music programs are built on a foundation of world renowned methodologies and approaches; our Collegium, Opera Studio, and Advanced Voice Workshop programs (Ann & George Nation Conservatory School of Classical Music), as well as Diploma in Music Performance (Dept. of Postsecondary Studies) offer aspiring young musicians the pathways to achieving successful careers in all genres of music.  Our community programs for children, teens and adults make it possible to discover the joy of making music at any age, and especially for those who have played music earlier in life, you will have the chance to fall in love with music all over again.  We also use music to heal, offering one of the largest Music Therapy programs in North America.  Whether you come to the VCM to discover the joy of making music, or to enjoy one of our amazing live concerts, you will see that we not only bring music to life, we put magic into music every day!

~ Stephen Green, Dean of the Victoria Conservatory of Music