Local musicians and students from our School of Contemporary Music are working together to make a unique and fun event!


Top student vocalists and instrumentalists perform alongside professional musicians and the VCM Senior String Orchestra.

Our Second Location Opens on March 1st

The VCM is proud to be opening our first satellite location in the new Langford Aquatic Centre in Westhills.

Collegium Program





Artistic Director
: Michael van der Sloot
(250) 386-5311 ext 2090

Animateur: Micki Stirling
(250) 386-5311 ext 3360

Collegium Voice: Ingrid Attrot

“The Collegium Program at the VCM is amongst the strongest comprehensive programs for advanced students in Canada. Our students share in the joy of experiencing varying aspects of music as well as enjoy the support of a community of students and teachers that help them achieve their full potential.”
Michael van der Sloot

The Collegium is an enriched program for talented young classical musicians: singers, pianists and other instrumentalists. We bring talented young classical musicians together with outstanding teachers, to create a lively, collaborative educational experience devoted to the pursuit of musical excellence.

The Collegium is also a supportive community of musicians. It is designed for serious students who want to study music at the highest standard in a comprehensive setting.

“I know that my success at Juilliard in New York has to do with the training and environment I had in the Collegium and at the VCM”
Stephanie Galipeau

Students are accepted into the program who are prepared to devote the time necessary to fully explore their musical talents and abilities. All students are expected to place a high priority on Collegium activities, attending every week and taking full advantage of the many opportunities to perform and to learn.

Collegium students have been winners in events such as Victoria “Symphony Splash”, Louis Sherman Concerto Competition, Roberto and Mary Wood Competition, VCM Song Competitions, and on many other occasions. Collegium alumni are now studying at major colleges and music schools throughout North America.

“I owe a lot of the success I have been lucky enough to get to the Collegium Program. I have been to many programs around America and I have talked to many people from around the world, and I still have yet to find someone who is involved in a program of this caliber. The amount of chamber music, masterclasses and soundings are unmatched anywhere I have heard about. To be honest, the only program that could be compared to collegium is the Juilliard pre-college program. Even then, they do not get as many performance opportunities as the Collegium does. I think the program is invaluable and I have no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am musically if not for the program.”
Jacob van der Sloot (viola)

Collegium membership is open to all qualified students, whether or not they are studying at the VCM. All teachers are invited to encourage their students to audition; teachers with questions about being part of the Collegium are asked to contact Michael van der Sloot directly.

There are three categories of Collegium membership, open by audition to all qualified students, whether or not they are studying at the VCM. Students accepted into the Collegium are placed in the appropriate category for their age and performance level.

Full Members
Full members are students between the ages of approximately 13 and 18 who have reached a level of notable proficiency on their instrument: generally Grade 9 or above. Full members participate in a busy schedule of masterclasses, coachings, seminars, performances, and residencies by distinguished guest artists.

Associate Members
Associate members are students who, though they may be performing at an advanced level, cannot commit to the time required for full membership. Associates generally participate only in the chamber music component of the Collegium.

Junior Members
Junior members are those students who show promise and dedication, but who are not yet at an age or performance level that qualifies them for either Full or Associate membership.

“Perhaps my favourite part about being a student in the Collegium Program was noticing how enjoyable it is to be part of a community full of caring, devoted, interesting people who were so much fun to be around.” — Collegium student

Collegium Voice

The aim of the Collegium program for singers is to supplement private voice lessons by providing experiences specific to the developing singer, that are beyond the scope of individual lessons. Students develop and perfect basic musicianship through regular ear training and sight singing classes as well as classes in practice techniques, learning music, conducting, and music history.
Performance skills are honed in movement classes including yoga, Alexander Technique, improvisation drama, and stage direction.
The program also includes:

  • Individual coaching with a professional coach/ accompanist.
  • Introduction to the International Phonetic alphabet, a necessary tool for all
    classical singers, who are expected to sing in several languages.
  • Regular master classes with members of the VCM voice faculty and visiting
  • Lectures on a variety of topics of interest to a singer.
  • Opportunities to prepare and perform staged scenes with professional
    stage directors.
  • Performing in large and small ensembles.


Auditions for new and returning instrumental students: May 24 – May 27, 2015
Voice Collegium auditions: Tuesday May 19 7pm-9pm and Thurs May 21 7:30-9:00pm

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