Marie Slade



An Accredited Music Therapist since 1997, Marie Slade specializes in working with the elderly and adults in residential care facilities. She has developed music therapy programs for many of the hospitals and assisted living facilities in Greater Victoria. On the Sunshine Coast she provided a home based palliative music therapy program, and worked with adults with dementia, and developmental disabilities. She participated in the Neurologic Music Therapy Institute in Pasedena, CA in 2001.

A past board member for the Music Therapy Association of British Columbia, she was the recipient of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy Peer Recognition Award in 2007. She is collaborating currently with researchers studying non-pharmalogical approaches to care of persons with dementia as well as developing a new iPod program at Mount St. Mary Hospital. She has recently received a grant from Music Heals to expand the music therapy program at Luther Court.