Marnie Setka-Mooney

B.Mus, UBC (Opera/Performance); AVCM (Teaching /Performance)


On Faculty at the VCM since 1998, Marnie has also taught at Pearson College and the Victoria School of Ideal Education. She has adjudicated for the VCM Lieder Competition and has taught Children’s Voice for the VCM Diploma Program. Her major teachers have been Catherine Young (VCM) and French Tickner (UBC). As a performer, she has sung professionally as a recitalist in Winnipeg (Women of Note), Vancouver (Cantata Singers), Kelowna (Philharmonic Orchestra), and Victoria (Bel Canto/Viva).

A believer in professional development, Marnie has sung in Master Classes for Richard Miller, Edith Wiens, and Cornelia Prestl. She conducts Viva’s Foundation Choir, Girls Choir, and Boys Choir, and is an active member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Ms. Setka-Mooney has been awarded the Certification Level I qualification from Princeton’s Music Together Center for Music and Young Children for outstanding achievement in teaching and articulating of the Music Together Program. Her interest in both the singing and speaking voice has led Marnie to conduct workshops for non-singers, i.e. business people and teachers. Marnie’s students have consistently won awards in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, and several have moved on to post-secondary institutions in Waterloo, Los Angeles, and Victoria.