Jamie K Syer Scholarship Awarded

Collegium Scholarship Awarded

The Jamie K Syer Scholarship was funded to honour Collegium founder Dr. Jamie Syer, and is awarded annually to the Collegium student who best exemplifies the spirit and purpose of the Collegium Program: excellence in music, teamwork and support of peers.

Students are nominated by faculty and by other Collegium members.  Students honoured with nominations this year included:

Junior Collegium:  Samantha Yee and Grace van der Sloot

Voice Collegium:  Annalysa Tyler and Gina Johnson

Instrumental Collegium:  Emma Reader-Lee, Janelle Tiessen, Kate Moran, Seth McMillan, Susanna Heystek, Danielle Tsao, Sophie van der Sloot and Tovin Allers.

The winner was nominated by multiple students and faculty and was described as “unconditionally supportive, high level of playing, continually pleasant attitude, really great person to play with, great to be around, welcoming, beautiful player, always the first to respond to student group emails, takes charge of organizing her ensemble rehearsals, amazing violist,” and much more.

Congratulations to Danielle Tsao.

Scholarship awarded

Scholarship awarded to Danielle Tsao

DSC01158 (2)

She joins the amazing company of former winners:

2012 Stephanie Galipeau

2013 Ethan Allers

2014 Hanna Williamson

2015 Rae Gallimore

2016 Kate Moran

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