Parking Updates at the Victoria Conservatory of Music


We are happy to announce that we have been working on improving the street parking situation in our vicinity.  We submitted petitions to the City of Victoria in the Summer and Fall to request 3 changes around us, all of which were accepted.  Two changes have now been implemented by the City of Victoria, and the final change can be expected in the following weeks:vcm-quadra-parking

1.      Installed 5 new metered parking spots on Quadra Street (Implemented mid-December 2016)
·        Previously a yellow curbed area with no parking.
·        Now, Pay parking Mon-Sat 9am-4pm, No parking 4pm-6pm, free parking at all other times.
·        1400 block Quadra, by Metro Theatre, a few metres from VCM’s main entrance at 900 Johnson Street.

2.      Installed a Passenger Loading Zone (3 minute maximum) on Johnson Street, directly in front of the VCM main entrance sidewalk (Implemented January 5, 2017)
·        Previously was 2 pay parking spots.
·        Will help tremendously to facilitate the large number of drop-offs of our students and patrons, improving safety and convenience.
·        Loss of two pay spots made up for by 5 new spots a few metres away on Quadra and by 4 new spots further up Johnson.

3.      Installed 4 new metered parking spots on Johnson Street in front of the old McCall’s building (To be implemented soon)
·        Previously a Passenger Loading Zone (3 minute maximum) and motorcycle spot in front of the McCall’s building.
·        McCall’s is now closed and this Passenger Zone is now unnecessary and underutilized.

We are very pleased that these changes have resulted in a net of 7 new parking spots in our vicinity and moved a Passenger Loading Zone to a more logical and in-demand location.  This will greatly improve safety as students can now be dropped off on Johnson Street directly in front of us.

Please share this update with any friends or family who may find it helpful.

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