You are here for a reason. The Young Artists Collegium Program at the VCM accepts, on audition, advanced music students who deeply desire taking their abilities and passions to the highest heights. Surrounded by a close and highly-supportive community of inspired teachers and committed fellow students, Collegium Young Artists are challenged to take the risks necessary to explore the depths and joys of their musical expression.

~David Visentin

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So what does the word ‘Collegium’ mean?

‘Collegium’ comes from the same Latin roots as ‘colleague’. The Collegium Musicum was one of several types of musical societies that arose in German and German-Swiss cities and towns during the Reformation and thrived into the mid-18th century. Both Bach and Telemann directed these groups in Leipzig.

The VCM Collegium program provides colleagues or peers for these exceptional young musicians, supporting and challenging them to become the best they can be, in music and in life.

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The Young Artists Collegium Program

Nurturing excellence in a community of emerging musicians

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Collegium is an enriched program for talented young classical musicians – singers, pianists and other instrumentalists – brought together with outstanding teachers to create a lively, collaborative educational experience devoted to the pursuit of musical excellence.

Collegium is designed for serious students who want to study music at the highest standard in a comprehensive setting.

Founded in 2006, the Collegium currently includes students studying piano, violin, viola, cello, voice, flute, clarinet, and guitar. Instrumental Collegium applicants must have achieved at least the Grade 9 RCM level; Junior Collegium is for players in Grades 6-9. Placement is based on yearly auditions.

Students participate regularly in master classes, chamber music, working with accompanists, lectures and performing events.

The Collegium program is highly successful and rated among the best in the country. Our students have won top prizes in the local, provincial and national music festivals. Students’ solo playing is on a similar level, winning many local and provincial festival awards. Our graduates have earned placements  at UVic, McGill University, Robert McDuffie School, New England Conservatory, Curtis Institute and at the Juilliard School of Music.

For more information contact or to become a supporter:

David Visentin, Acting Artistic Director |  |  250.386.5311 ext. 5000

Ingrid Attrot, Voice Collegium Director |  |  250.386.5311 ext. 3080

Micki Stirling, Animateur |  |  250.386.5311 ext. 3360

Application deadline for 2017/18: May 14, 2017
Audition dates: June 2 - 6, 2017

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