Centre for Music Wellness

Program Outline

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For at least the past two decades, research on the impact engaging with music has on individuals, has illuminated something musicians have known all along – music is good for mind, body, and soul. However one needs to actively engage with music, to fully realize these benefits.  The Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) has recently embarked on the development and piloting of a new series of musical activities for adults, that focus on the wellness attributes inherent therein, leading to improvement in both physical and mental health. Music Wellness classes engage and strengthen the mind and body, with improved memory, self-balance, breathing, and ability to multi-task being only a few of the benefits gained through these activities. Promoting a healthy life style, and offering participants the opportunity to wade into the world of music at their own pace, Music Wellness classes provide an easily accessible way to tap into the many benefits of music, and also lots of opportunity to socialize and make new friends!

MUSIC WELLNESS classes are offered through the VCM’s new Centre for Music Wellness, presented by PARC Retirement Living. 

Priced affordably, watch for a new set of classes later this term!

For more information, please contact Stephen Green, Dean and Chief Academic Officer via email,  phone 250-386-5311, or by visiting in person.


Program Details

6-week term of a single class = $63 + $2.25 transaction fee
Multi-class pass – for FOUR classes of your choice = $52  + $2.25 transaction fee
One-off class registration = $15  + $2.25 transaction fee