Music Foundations Through Singing

Program Outline

For children age 5 - 6 years

Singing is our first and most natural talent. We are all born with a “musical ear” – we just have to learn how to listen! ~ Zoltán Kodály

Based on the Kodály approach to music education, this is the first step towards developing a young person’s “musical literacy”, which is an essential building block of any formal music education.  Music Foundations Through Singing is a new program designed to move students into independent music making.  Singing in unison allows children to learn how to listen to themselves, while listening and tuning to a group, and through the matching of pitch, begin to explore tonality. The nurturing and relaxed environment is perfect for inspiring young voices to develop healthy vocal habits and musical literacy skills, including basic sight-reading, and a sense of rhythm through movement (internalization of rhythm).

Marnie Setka-Mooney

Program Details

Term 1: Sep 12/13 - Jan 16/3
(no class Oct 10, Dec 19/20, 26/27, Jan 2)

Mon • 4:00   - 4:45pm • $265.25/term

Tue • 4:30   - 5:15pm • $265.25/term




Marnie Setka-Mooney

On Faculty at the VCM since 1998, Marnie has also taught at Pearson College and the Victoria School of Ideal Education. She has adjudicated for the VCM Lieder Competition and has taught Children’s Voice for the VCM Diploma Program. Her major teachers have been Catherine Young (VCM) and French Tickner (UBC). As a performer, she has sung professionally as a recitalist in Winnipeg (Women of Note), Vancouver (Cantata Singers), Kelowna (Philharmonic Orchestra), and Victoria (Bel Canto/Viva). A believer in professional development, Marnie has sung in Master Classes for Richard Miller, Edith Wiens, and Cornelia Prestl. She conducts Viva’s Foundation Choir (…)