Scholarships And Bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries build upon the VCM vision of ensuring that music is accessible to all. The Victoria Conservatory of Music identifies individuals who are deserving and/or in need of financial assistance. Tens of thousands of dollars are awarded each year to new and current students across all instrument types, all levels of talent and all ages. Scholarships are awarded annually at our awards day ceremony in June. Bursaries are awarded annually, based on applications received by May 31st. Music therapy support is awarded throughout the year depending on availability.

This year’s Awards Day Ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 11th 2017.
SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS NOW AVAILABLE – Scholarship application 2017-2018
Application Deadline: April 28
Complete and submit your application to your primary instructor.

Application Deadline: May 31
Complete and submit your application to the VCM Administration Office.

Scholarship Program

Annual Scholarship Opportunities
Scholarships are awarded to students at all levels of study who demonstrate talent, effort and/or achievement. Students apply to be considered for scholarships, and VCM teaching faculty also make recommendations for possible award recipients. Recommendations are reviewed by the artistic directorate committee and final recipients are selected.

Where and When
An award ceremony to recognize the students is held annually in June in the Alix Goolden Performance Hall. Donors, if available, are invited to present the award.

Use of Scholarship Awards
Individuals awarded scholarships are provided with a credit on account which is applied towards tuition costs for subsequent semesters. Scholarship credits must be used within the subsequent academic year. Camosun student scholarship recipients will receive a cheque in the amount of the scholarship if their VCM account is current.

Thanks and Gratitude
Contributions from people who care about opportunities to learn and perform music make a difference in the quality and scope of music programs the Conservatory can offer. We are grateful to the donors whose generous contributions make these scholarships available. Award Recipients are encouraged to send a thank you letter to the donor responsible for their scholarship and to perform at a Conservatory or community event during the year.

Available Awards
Below is a list of available VCM scholarships, including their criteria and approximate value*. Students submit a general application for scholarship awards; they need not sepcify the specific award(s) for which they are hoping to be considered.

Scholarship Name  Criteria Number of Awards**
David Foster Scholarship Piano student who excels at sightreading 1
Millicent Lavoy Piano Scholarship Piano students 10
Marjorie Tebo Piano Scholarship Piano student 1
Jamie Syer Collegium Scholarship Collegium student; nominated by peers and instructors 1
 Brian Estall Memorial Scholarship  Piano Student  1
 Beatty Viola/Chamber Music Scholarship  Viola or Chamber Music student  2
 Margaret Goater Violin/Viola Award  Violin or Viola student  2
 Sydney Humphries Violin Prize  Violin student  1
 Marnie Lester Harp Award  Harp student  1
 Nadar Holdings String Award  Strings student  1
 Cardo Smalley Violin Scholarship  Violin student  1
 Music Theory Award  Student who excels in the theoretical aspects of music  1
 Gisalson Voice Scholarship  Voice student  1
 Catherine Young Voice Prize  Voice student 1
 Austin Scott Flute Scholarship  Flute student  1
 Caterine Jette Scholarship  Winds, Brass and Percussion students  3
 Robin and Winifred Wood Scholarship Student who contributes time and talent to VCM  1
 Margaret Hendry Award  Unrestriced  1
 Liam Munday Memorial Scholarship  Voice student  1
 John Dyck Scholarship  Unrestricted  1
 John Hayes Award  Unrestricted  1
 Mona Nest Weller Bequest  Unrestricted  1
George Giles Award For a graduating student of superior stature who is seen to have a bright career in music 1
Scholarship Name  Criteria Number of Awards**
Gertrude Durand Memorial Scholarship Piano Accompaniment 2
Carl Weiselberger Scholarship Female piano student 1
Mrs. Pui Jun Wong Memorial Scholarship Youngest and most talented piano student 1
Dr. Robin Wood Piano Scholarship Outstanding Piano Student 1
The Helen B. Turner and Bradley James A. Turner Scholarship  Strings student  1
 Roberto and Mary Wood Voice Scholarship  Voice student  1
 Nathan Geminiano Memorial Scholarship  Student who embodies dedication, determination and spirit  1
 Catherine Gillespie Memorial Scholarship  Unrestricted  1
 Mai Gillespie Award  Unrestricted  2
 Mrs. Massey A. Goolden Award For a graduating post-secondary student with outstanding potential as both performer and teacher who has made a positive contribution to VCM  1
 Victoria Musical Arts Society Award  Deserving post-secondary student who has lived in the greater Victoria area for at least 2 years and is intending to pursue a career in music 3
Scholarship Name Criteria Number of Awards**
Margaret Baker Piano Scholarship Pianist; preference given to those interested in accompanying 1
 Jazz Horizon Award  Jazz Piano  1
 Katarina Scholarship  Talented, emerging composer in the post-secondary program  1
 Vanhall Fund for the Arts  Second year postsecondary student; preference given to organists  3
Vanhall Fund for the Arts – Jazz Jazz student entering second year of the postsecondary program. 1
 Woods International Piano Scholarship  Post-Secondary piano student  1


Scholarship winners may also apply and receive financial aid if qualified.

*Scholarships are generated via endownment funds; value will vary from year to year.

**Number of awards subject to change

Bursary Program

The Victoria Conservatory of Music is pleased to offer a financial aid program for individuals and families who need financial support in their pursuit of music education. Financial aid funds are from our generous donors and the amount fluctuates from year to year. We are most grateful to all the donors who make it possible for us to offer this program.

Financial aid is available to current or new students wishing to enrol at the VCM. As funds are limited, award qualification are primarily based on:

  • Income status
  • Number of dependents.
  • Anticipated music tuition

The VCM Bursary application form (available March) must be completed, with all attachments, and submitted by May 31st for eligibility.

Bursary Levels/Accessibility
Assistance awards are granted to qualifying students to cover a portion of their tuition. VCM bursary funds typically allow for a maximum of 25% of tuition support.

Bursary Funds
We are grateful to the donors whose generous contributions make our bursary program possible. The following are the bursary funds that have been created to assist our students are in pursuing their musical goals.

Millicent J Archer Bursary
Jack & Kay Barraclough Memorial Bursary
Jack & Hilda Beastall Bursary
Beatty Bursary – Sacred Music
Ray Buckett Memorial Bursary
Marjorie Corah Bursary
Thomas A Crerar Memorial Bursary
Phyllis Cripps Memorial Bursary
Edith & Vera Critchard Bursary
Evelyn M.R. Drake Bursary
Thomas Henry Lewis Evans Memorial Bursary
First Nations Piano Bursary
Stanley Flitcroft Bursary
Margaret Gage Scholarship Fund
Nellie & John Gillespie Bursary
Captain Massy Goolden Bursary Fund
Marjorie Hansen Piano Bursary
Judith Harreman Memorial Voice Scholarship
James & Gladys Henderson Bursary
Velda Holland Piano Bursary
I.O.D.E. Martlet Chapter Bursary
Norah Elizabeth Jones Jeffrey Bursary
Maria Manna Bursary
Michael Manning Bursary
Jean D. Marcus Bursary Fund
McAlphine, Donald Peter Bursary
Emile & Mary Michaux Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Naylor Bursary
Irene Palinkas Bursary Fund
Charles Palmer Organ Bursary
Ivy Screech Bursary Fund
Charlton L. Smith Early Childhood Music Bursary
Alan Soulsby Memorial Bursary
Victor Stringer Bursary Fund
TD Canada Trust Bursary
Anthony Thorn Memorial Bursary
Otto Tiemann Bursary Fund
Mr & Mrs Arthur Welsley Vining Bursary
Paul & Nora Wharf Scholarship/Bursary
Dorothy White Bursary
Beatrice Coyle Widdup Bursary