2020 Jamie K. Syer Scholarship Awarded

Posted May 27, 2020


The Jamie K. Syer Scholarship Award was funded in 2012 to honour Dr. Jamie Syer, the first Dean of the Victoria Conservatory of Music and founder of the Collegium. It is awarded annually to the Collegium student who best exemplifies the spirit and purpose of the Collegium Program: excellence in music, teamwork and support of peers.


The Jamie K. Syer Scholarship Award is open to all levels of the Collegium: Junior & Senior Instrumental and Voice.  Nominations come from faculty and students.  It is a great honour to be nominated and to exemplify these three qualities.


This year’s nominees include:


  • Junior Collegium:  Michaela & Walter


  • Senior Instrumental:  Camilo, Boris, Hongkyung, Lexie, Nicole


  • Voice Collegium:  Keziah, Melissa



Nominated by both students and faculty, this years winner is Camilo! Jamie K. Syer Scholarship Award Winner, Camilo


Camilo is described as “very hardworking, always striving to be the best he can be; supportive, easygoing, helpful, rarely boastful, open-minded, professional, prepared, respectful, and enthusiastic about performance and sharing the joy of music with the public and his peers”. Congratulations!


Sadly due to COVID-19, there will be no VCM Awards Ceremony.  You can see Camilo play on our VCM final performances 2020 Concert web-page/Instrumental Collegium Solo and with the De La Haye Trio in Instrumental Collegium Chamber.


Camilo now joins the elite group of winners of the Jamie K. Syer Scholarship Award: Stephanie Galipeau, Ethan Allers, Hanna Williamson, Rae Gallimore, Kate Moran, Danielle Tsao, Hank Liu, Lexie Jana and Keziah Froese.

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