2022 Jamie Syer Scholarship Award Winner

Published June 20, 2022


The Jamie Syer Scholarship Award was funded in 2012 to honour Dr. Jamie Syer, the first Dean of the Victoria Conservatory of Music and founder of the Collegium. It is awarded annually to the Collegium student who best exemplifies the spirit and purpose of the Collegium Program: excellence in music, teamwork and support of peers.


Nominated by students and teachers, we’re very pleased to announce this year’s award went to two students!


Charlotte Topshee

Charlotte is a 13 year old cello student of Silvina Samuel in her first year of Junior Collegium.  She also plays in school band and sings with the Victoria Children’s Choir.

Charlotte was described as always learns her parts, does her best, plays beautifully, and is always nice and encouraging to the other players.


Elana Lin

16 year old Elana studies violin with Simon MacDonald and has been in the Collegium since she was 11. She is a member of the Senior Collegium Berlioz Trio who are representing the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival Junior Category at the Provincials and Nationals.

“Elana is an excellent violinist, good person and good friend.”

“Her positive spirit, hard work and cheerful commitment to playing and performing are of the highest order; helpful and encouraging”.


Charlotte and Elana now join the elite group of previous winners including Stephanie Galipeau, Ethan Allers, Hanna Williamson, Rae Gallimore, Kate Moran, Danielle Tsao, Hank Liu, Lexie Krakowski, Keziah Froese, Camilo Aybar and Charles Dutton.


Congratulations Charlotte and Elana!

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