2022 Student Awards

Published June 14, 2022


After a 2 year in-person break, on Thursday, June 9 we hosted the 44th annual Victoria Conservatory of Music Awards day in Alix Goolden Performance Hall. This special event is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible work of our students and the generosity of our supporters. 

Donations generously received from VCM supporters, donors, businesses, community organizations, and long-time individual contributors enable the VCM to award 66 students with over $71,000 in scholarships. Award recipients included postsecondary, voice, winds and brass, strings, keyboard and contemporary students.


Award Name  Recipient(s) 
Alan Macey Fund  Tyler (William) Henderson, Kiran Jordan, Isaac Woollends, Juhui Yoon 
Alex Nicholls Scholarship  Ethan Schultz-Anderson 
Aundria Dawn Grieve Memorial Scholarship  Zhurong (Max) Wang 
Austin A. Scott Flute Scholarship  Chloe Williams 
B.E. Scholarship  Elias Skripnitchenko 
Beatty Viola/Chamber Music Scholarship  Elijah Kim, Michaela Yee, Samantha Yee 
Cardo Smalley Violin Scholarship  Elana Lin 
Carl Weiselberger Scholarship  Linda Zhou 
Carol Clark Jesse Piano Scholarship  Felina Yang  
Catharine Gillespie Memorial Scholarship  Chloe Williams, Camilo Aybar, Alex Chernata 
Catherine Young Voice Prize  Christina Hilgartner 
David Foster Scholarship  Richard Lee  
Dr. Lesley Hartford Harp Scholarship  Willow Hamilton 
Dr. Robin Wood Piano Scholarship  Lucas Hung  
Estate of Arthur Ernest Leeder Scholarship for Piano  Simon Eskildsen 
Garth Gislason Scholarship  Christina Hilgartner  
George Giles Award  Charles Dutton 
Gertrude Durand Memorial Scholarship  Carey Wang 
Jamie K Syer Collegium Scholarship Fund  Charlotte Topshee, Elana Lin 
John Dyck Scholarship  Natalya Wautier 
John Hayes Bursary Fund  Zoe Thompson 
Judith Rockwell Award  Alexis Meservia 
Katarina Scholarship Prize  Walter Rees, Max Francis, Anna Wautier 
Kay Kaminski Vancouver Island Services and Treatment Association Award  Juhui Yoon 
Liam Munday Memorial Voice Scholarship  Marlo Karakas 
Luke’s Gift Scholarship  Essencia Leandro 
Mai Gillespie Scholarship & Bursary  Keisha McKay 
Margaret Baker Piano Scholarship  Jono Devey 
Margaret Goater Viola Award  Max Webster, Veronica Park 
Margaret Hendry Scholarship Fund  Anna Wautier 
Marilyn Wuis Voice Scholarship  Anna Bigland-Pritchard 
Marjorie Tebo Piano Scholarship  Lillian Chen 
Marnie Lester Harp Award  Willow Hamilton 
Mary and Gerald Stanick Strings Scholarship  Layla Park 
Millicent Lavoy Piano Scholarship  Jiayi (Hannah) Bai, Raizo Buenvenida, Samuel Li, Tian Liu, Felicia Jingru Ma, Angela Pan, Ethan Woo, Noah Xing, Jack Yang, Natalya Wautier 
Mrs. Pui Jun Wong Memorial Scholarship  Jacob Skripnitchenko 
Nadar Holdings String Bursary  Joanne Jiang 
Nathan Geminiano Memorial Scholarship  Eu-Rway Chew 
O. Thomas Webb Memorial Scholarship in Winds and Brass  Camilo Aybar, Alex Chernata 
Peitchinis Winds Ensemble  Amélie Esmée Fitzsimmons, Lachlan Breen 
Pietchinis Music Theory Award  Natalya Wautier, Carmen Edora 
Pietchinis Postsecondary Entrance Scholarship  Katie Cooper, Cara Hallam, Ellah Shields 
Roberto and Mary Wood Voice Award  Sarah-Jane Russell 
Robin and Winifred Wood Scholarship  Max Francis 
Sydney Humphreys Violin Prize  Max Francis 
The David and Pep Groos Award  Aidan Holt 
VanHall Fund for the Arts  Ace Harry, Eric Olsen, Christina Hilgartner 
VanHall Fund for the Arts – Jazz  Eli Breitenstein, Marian Schols, Ethan Schultz-Anderson, Essencia Leandro 
Victoria Musical Art Society Scholarship  Shelby Hewitt, Zackary Day, Connor Wellmann 
Woods’ International Piano Scholarship  Simon Eskildsen 


The following students have completed the requirements of the VCM/ Camosun Diploma and Certificate programs in the 2021-22 academic year. We congratulate these students, who received their credentials from Camosun College in June 2022. 




Charles Dutton 

Jeronimo Kan Ek Aviles Madariaga  

Milagros del Rosario Caceres Chavez 

Jorge Julian Lopez Sainz Atlaco 

Tessa Charter (Gobbett) 

Yanina Kosivanova 

Daniella Paddock (Saunders) 



Thank you to all VCM Faculty!

The recipients of these awards are from the studios of:

Joanne Allers, Nancy Argenta, Ingrid Attrot, Kyron Basu, Roger Buksa, Anna Cal, Rachel Capon, Rob Cheramy, Mary Clarke, Issah Contractor, Georgina Craig, Christine Donkin, Alex Dunn, Raya Fridman, Yanik Giroux, Ingrid Henderson, Rachel Hill, Liam Hockley, Robert Holliston, Yoomi Kim, Patricia Kostek, Tatiana Kostour, May Ling Kwok, Daniel Lapp, Nicole Lavallee, Guyonne Le Louarn, Cathy Lewis, Linda Low, Simon MacDonald, Kiiri Michelsen, Emily Nagelbach, Louise Rose, Joey Smith, Annabelle Stanley, Danuel Tate, David Visentin, Maureen Washington, and Crystal Wiksyk.  


Thank you to all Scholarship Program donors! 

Without your generous support, these scholarships would not be possible. On behalf of our students, thank you so much for helping to further their musical education. 


Learn more about VCM Scholarships and Bursaries here 

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