Piano Player… Yes You Are!

Posted September 4, 2013

Piano Chords for Adults

Adult_Piano_webAdults! Sometimes we just want to sit down at a piano or keyboard and play a tune…  without a music book in front of us.  Like Christmas time when the kids are gathered round or a friend’s birthday party when there’s a piano and everyone is in a singing mood.

Are you looking to return to the piano to play tunes for fun?  The VCM Play Piano Today course teaches melody and chord symbols.  Playing with chords is the fastest way to playing your favorite tunes.  You’ll learn 7 styles of music in just 12 weeks.  We get to know some chords and how to use them to bring your favorite tunes to life.

You’ll find us in the Victoria Conservatory Group Piano Lab.  Call 250-588-5106 for more information.

Beginners welcome too!

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