Alix Goolden Performance Hall – Improved, Repaired, Enhanced

AGPH – Improved, Repaired, Enhanced

The Alix Goolden Performance Hall is renowned worldwide for its startling acoustics and unique beauty, largely attributable to the fact that it was built 120 years ago and designed as a church sanctuary.

However its age and design also bring a unique set of ongoing maintenance issues and necessary upgrades. 

One of these has been the plaster under the balcony area which, believe it or not, was the original material installed in 1897 (with lots of subsequent patchwork)! Understandably, it was greatly in need of repair.

Thanks to a generous financial contribution to the VCM in the Spring, we are delighted to announce that the critically necessary replacement of this plaster is now completed. We are also planning some improvements to lighting in the hall, and hope to have these completed in early Fall. These improvements address important ongoing maintenance of our beautiful heritage building and, going forward, will elevate the performance experience for students, faculty, guest performers and audiences alike.

But AGPH is not all we’ve been up to on the renovation front this summer!  A generous anonymous donation from a member of our community, combined with a grant from CreativeBC, made several significant upgrades to Wood Hall possible, rendering the space an even more versatile and effective teaching and performance space. 

Specifically, the carpet has been replaced with new hard-surface flooring, insulation and drywall have been applied over the cinderblock on the back wall, providing the option to project pictures and video onto a huge surface, a projector will be mounted on the ceiling, old lighting will be removed, and upgraded lighting will be added. All of these improvements significantly improve acoustics in the space, as well as lifting the performance experience and expanding the potential use of the space for a range of musical opportunities. 

This series of renovations to Wood Hall completes a large portion of our goal for upgrading this space; funds must now be raised to complete the balance of the work. In the next year, we hope to be able to complete these plans by upgrading the sound system, glazing the exterior of the stained glass windows to reduce sound bleed from the traffic outside, and adding acoustical panels on the interior walls to tune the acoustics of the hall. 

In the longer-term, we aspire to painting the ceiling, as well as removing the organ control panel in the balcony and replacing the railings with clear panels to make the balcony functional.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the VCM now, click here.

Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia


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