Camilo Aybar: Spark to Flame Student Feature

Meet Camilo Aybar!

One of the student performers at the 2021 Spark to Flame Online Student Showcase!

Camilo AybarCamilo Aybar began studying clarinet at the VCM 3 years ago under Dr. Jack Edwards’ instruction, after picking up the instrument in middle school band because of the encouragement from the band director, Jennifer Kelly. Today, he dedicates most of his time to music as it is one of the few things in life that truly makes him happy; he is currently studying under the instruction of Dr. Patricia Kostek.

This is his second year in the Young Artist’s Collegium Program, where he finds performing in a chamber group to be highly rewarding and satisfying; a mutual passion for music has helped to strengthen his social connections, which he had lacked previously. Camilo also enjoys composing in his free time, as he loves to express his emotions and depict his experiences through music, all without the need for words. He has composed for the High Notes Flute Choir, the Greater Victoria Concert Band, members of the Victoria Symphony, and himself—though he will not be performing his unfinished concerto this year (see for more).



Why did you apply to perform at Spark to Flame?

For the past two years, I have been performing in the orchestra for Spark to Flame concerts. I have always wondered how it would feel to be the soloist, and I can only imagine the experience of performing a solo work with an orchestra by my side. After encouragement from my teacher, I decided to actualize such a dream.



What piece are you performing and why did you choose it?

Solo de Concours by André Messager. My instructor chose it because it is a standard Paris Conservatory contest piece in the clarinet repertoire, requiring fast tonguing, nimble fingers, and sufficient breath support which she has helped me refine over the past year. I find this work to be quite uplifting and animated, something we all could use in these times.



What are your aspirations in music?

I hope to one day premiere a clarinet concerto of my own, and to perhaps become a professional orchestral clarinetist and/or composer, doing my part to uphold the survival of classical music.



Tell me a bit about yourself, outside of music

Though I dedicate most of my time to music, I also enjoy photography, graphic design, and working with numbers, using spreadsheets to organize my life. I have also been obsessed with public transit ever since I took my first double decker bus when I was three.





2021 Spark to Flame Online Student Showcase

Join us for one of the VCM’s most important and special annual events, the Spark to Flame Online Student Showcase, streamed live this year for the first time! The concert will be livestreamed on the Victoria Conservatory YouTube Channel on Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7:30PM (PST).

The Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Spark to Flame program supports emerging artist’s development and is open to all students of the VCM. Selected through audition, students are given the opportunity to work with VCM faculty in the weeks leading up to the performance to develop their professional and artistic skills. The final concert is a magical evening featuring these students performing with faculty artists, with works by Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and Messager.

The following students have been selected to perform at this years event:

  • Camilo Aybar (clarinet)
  • Galen Boulanger (voice)
  • Alex Chen (voice)
  • Charlie Dutton (piano)
  • Lexie Krakowski (cello)

We are so fortunate to be able to live stream this spectacular event. We are suggesting to everyone who enjoys Spark to Flame and the joy of music, to make a $15 donation, or more, in lieu of purchasing a ticket. Your generous support ensures the VCM can continue to bring concerts to our community and keep music education as affordable as possible and accessible to all. Thank you!





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