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The world is getting smaller.  International current affairs, with as much information as we can grasp, are now instantly available. We now have access to endless knowledge while increasing our global understanding.  It goes the same to having full access to world music.clover

In order to celebrate St-Patrick Day this month, I am inviting you to search and listen to Irish music. Practice your bouncy Irish step dancing with the “Irish Washerwoman” in 6/8 time signature. Look for songs full of pathos and added rhythmic or melodic improvisation on the singer’s part. And while you are searching the Net, look for a few Irish pieces for fiddle, bodhran, tin whistle, wooden flute, and concertina.
Enjoy your journey to Ireland and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Dr. Johanne Brodeur, Ph.D., MTA
MTD and CMD Department Head


Music Heals donated $7,436.80 to increase the hours of Music Therapy sessions at Luther Court Society. Marie Slade, our music therapist at LCS, and I are thrilled by the gift from Music Heals. Thank you Chris Brandt and Music Heals for this incredible gift.

Left to right: Lori McKenzie – Luther Court,
Marie Slade – VCM, Chris Brandt – Music Heals


Mayor Lisa Helps proclaimed March “Music Therapy Awareness Month”.  The proclamation was passed at the City Council meeting on February 12th, 2015.

Ask the Expert
Please send your questions to: Dr. Johanne Brodeur – brodeur@localhost/

At what age do you start offering music classes at the VCM?

The VCM offers group music classes for babies and children under one year old. Come and Johanne_Brodeur_2015learn rhymes and lullabies, try different instruments, play musical games with your little ones, and meet other young moms and dads!  The youngest student ever in the CMD was 17 days old!

How old or young is Music Therapy?

In biblical accounts, King Saul was reportedly soothed by David’s harp music. However the apparent health benefits of music therapy occurred during World War II in Veterans hospitals.

Degrees in music therapy became available in the US in the late 1940s, and 1950s.  In the mid 1950s, music therapists were working independently in Canada.
In 1974, sixty-three people attended the fist Canadian conference with the theme “Music Therapy: An Idea Whose Time Has Come”.

Successive conferences were held in 1975 and 1976 and it was at these conferences that our national music therapy association was founded and named the Canadian Association of Music Therapy (CAMT). In 1977, the CAMT was incorporated.


Joanne Allers,
Children’s Music DepartmentJoanne Allers

Where did you study music?

Edmonton, Alberta is where I began my formal music training. After teaching in the Edmonton Public school system, I continued my studies in Chicago, Illinois, studying at both Northwestern University and University of Northern Illinois, earning a Master of Music degree.

Can you briefly explain the difference between a trumpet and a pocket trumpet?

A pocket trumpet produces the same range and pitches as a regular trumpet; that is, it has the same length of tubing, but it is wrapped ‘tighter’, or smaller, making it easier for young hands to hold.

Why should children/ families consider taking pocket trumpet lessons?

The pocket trumpet allows young children to play a ‘grown up’ sort of instrument with relative ease, and the class combines many activities, tailored for the specific students enrolled. Quite simply, students experience success in making a beautiful sound, in a class designed to teach music language literacy. Because the class is small, students benefit from a low student to teacher ratio, yet still benefit from the social interaction of a class/group setting.

If you could meet anyone today, who would it be?

Ah, this is a tricky question! After much thought, I would choose to meet the famous Johann Sebastian Bach. His remarkable skill and passion for music, and apparent love of family, with his large family of 20 children, could be nothing short of inspiring!

What are your passions outside of music?

When I am not involved in musical pursuits I love to hang out with my husband and teenage sons at the ocean, particularly at China Beach or French Beach, because both my family and nature, particularly the ocean, are two forces that always seem to put life into clear perspective!


In the short time Ivan has been attending music therapy his musical, cognitive and communication skills have improved dramatically. Ivan took to the piano right away. It was his favourite activity during each music therapy session. Through a combination of observing, listening and reading chord changes he is able to play many of his favourite songs. It is a joy to see the transformation in Ivan as he expresses himself and engages in the music. Ivan can now play along by ear with some songs, especially his most-played song, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Green Power DrinkGreen Drink
1 cup rinsed spinach
1 cup orange juice
½ inch chopped ginger –
(or more if desired)
Blend well and enjoy!

Gary Garitan

Thank you to Gary Garritan for his generous gift of Sound Libraries for the MTD.  Gary is one of our VCM Board Member and we are thrilled to offer these incredible addition and amazing musical discovery opportunity for our participants.  Thank you Gary.


This instrument is often stretched with goatskin and is open-ended for one hand to be placed against the inside of the drum head to control the pitch and timbre on the other side. It is also often played with a cipin.  Who am I?

Please send your response to:

Enter the draw to win your very own green Alix Goolden Performance Hall cushion!
Congrats to Jo-Anne, winner of February’s Quizz. The correct response was Forrest Gump.


U2, the rock band is providing 5 million Euros through 2015 to fund Music Generation: music schooling for Irish children as the state cut spending on music education.

In 2014, Hip Hop artist Dr. Dre took home $620 million.
Bon Jovi grossed $200 million, Elton John a small $204 million.Bruce Springsteen
Beyonce pulled in $115 million. The Eagles earned $100 million, and Bruce Springsteen $81 million.

But, if classical music is your thing, do not despair. In 2009 conductor Charles Dutoit earned $1.83 million and Michael Tilson Thomas $1.8 million.


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