Eric and Shirley Charman Bursary for Young Musicians tops $1,000,000 and Continues to Grow

Earlier today, Jane Butler McGregor, CEO of the Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) announced that the Eric and Shirley Charman Young Musicians Bursary Fund has reached the $1,000,000 mark. The Bursary Fund was established to celebrate the 85th birthday of Victoria philanthropist Eric Charman and is held at the Victoria Foundation.

Awarded to musicians 25 years of age and under, the Eric and Shirley Charman Young Musicians Bursary Fund will ensure that any young person who wishes to experience music and requires financial assistance is able to pursue their musical dreams at the VCM.

“The Victoria Conservatory of Music is a centre of music education excellence, that has nurtured such great artists as Richard Margison, one of the world’s most critically-acclaimed opera singers, Jonathan Crow, Concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony, and international violin sensations Nikki and Timmy Chooi, but it is also home to all students of any age and any ability who wish to discover music,” said Eric Charman. “As long term supporters of the VCM, we have had the opportunity to watch many young people mature into outstanding musicians and we are so proud to know that our Bursary Fund will help to ensure that music is accessible to students who need some financial support.” 

Many of Eric and Shirley Charman’s closest friends and colleagues provided the initial donations to the Fund and, with the Victoria Foundation’s assistance, matching funding from the Canada Cultural Endowment Incentive Program was also secured. It was also announced today, that all donations received before October 31, 2019, will be eligible for the additional matching from the Canada Cultural Endowment Incentive Program.
“We are incredibly grateful to Eric and Shirley Charman, their friends and colleagues, for the support of this bursary fund,” said Jane Butler McGregor, CEO, Victoria Conservatory of Music. “These amazing gifts will allow generations of music students to experience the power of music at the VCM.”

To learn more about how to apply for the Eric and Shirley Charman Young Musicians Bursary, and other bursaries available at the VCM, visit our Bursary Information Page.

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