Purica: Mushrooms – Ancient Medicine to Contemporary Treatments

Purica: Mushrooms – Ancient Medicine to Contemporary Treatments

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Why Full Spectrum products that contain fruit bodies, mycelia, spores and extra-cellular compounds are becoming the most popular mushroom products

  • What we are discovering about medicinal mushrooms through the lens of modern science and neuroscience
  • Why mushrooms are the #1 raw ingredient used in the making of today’s pharmaceutical drugs
  • How to pick the best mushroom product for your personal needs.


Internationally Recognized Mycologist Dr. John Holliday is one of the world’s leading experts on medicinal mushrooms. He is the founder of the Aloha Medicinals and Vice President of the International Society for Medicinal Mushrooms – a group of preeminent scientists dedicated to the advancement of research in the field of mycology. It is from this global vantage point, combined with his 40+ year of mushroom growing experience, that Dr. Holliday passionately presents and educates on the medicinal health benefits of the fungal kingdom.

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