Joshua Amendt-Moylan

Joshua Amendt – Moylan

Hailing from Victoria, Joshua Amendt-Moylan completed his Bachelor of Music performance degree in 2017 and is currently pursuing his Masters degree at the University of Victoria. He previously worked in the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music teaching guitar and ukulele. While living in Victoria he has performed at various events, ceremonies, and music festivals on his classical guitar. He rarely turns down an opportunity to perform, whether it’s for theatre productions on acoustic guitar, or experimental music concerts on electric guitar. Joshua keeps his roots in classic rock close to heart whenever he plays guitar because it’s the music that inspired him through the years. He has performed in rock bands all throughout high school, and opened for Street Heart in 2010. He currently plays in a video game theme band called Flipside, which features video game classics such as Mario Bros, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and more.

Studying with Alexander Dunn opened many doors for Joshua and gave him a much deeper appreciation for music, and a clear understanding of classical guitar. His passion is to play compelling music of various genres in performing and recording settings. He’s interested in all styles of music because they’re all true forms of expression that require dedication and results in tremendous rewards. Joshua is experienced in teaching any age group, and has taught students who suffer from PTSD. He intends to help every student reach their full potential and encourage them to never stop dreaming of bigger goals, whether it’s professional or recreational. Joshua is qualified to instruct guitar in a wide range of genres including classical, jazz, rock, folk, pop, country, and more. Mr. Amendt-Moylan prepares his students for the opportunities that will allow them to grow and help them understand which direction to take.

Joshua is also acclaimed for teaching group lessons on the guitar and ukulele. He has been teaching groups in multiple recreation centres in Victoria, and the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music. His teaching method and friendliness towards all people provides an informative and easy to learn environment. You can learn fun and easy songs to jam with your friends and develop your skills as a musician!