Brenda Morie

Brenda Morie is an international recording vocalist who has performed in front of audiences of up to 50,000 people in Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium and Universal Studios, trained in the Bel Canto vocal method, fluent in Latin, Blues, Jazz, Contemporary, Rhythm and Blues to country and folk music. Experienced in voice overs, jingles, narration and radio announcing to theatrical movie releases, Brenda invites you to learn and be inspired to find your “own” voice whether it be as a hobby or to enhance your professionalism. Learn, proper breathing techniques, phrasing, vocal care, approaches to live performances, and recording tips, including microphone technique. If you desire to learn how to sing while accompanying yourself on your instrument as a beginner even just around the campfire, this is also for you as Brenda is a multi-instrumentalist.