Jany Lu

Jany Lu began her piano studies in Japan and later moved to Canada in 2007 where she continued her studies at the Victoria conservatory of Music.  As she studied with many of the amazing keyboard faculty members at the VCM, her interests and love for music grew as she explored solo and chamber works. She would later attend post-secondary to receive a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at the University of Victoria in 2017 under professor May Ling Kwok, and a Masters of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy at the University of Toronto with Dr. Midori Koga in 2019.

Her teaching career started in Victoria with a private studio in 2013, teaching piano to students of all ages and levels. While at Toronto, ON, she studied various curriculums and piano methods including Yamaha, Alexander Technique, and workshops with the Alan Fraser Piano Institute. She taught for three music schools including the University of Toronto Piano Pedagogy Program. At the UTPPP, she taught group and private lessons using curriculum that she carefully designed. She is a Yamaha Certified teacher and has taught group lessons for young children from the age of three to five at a Yamaha School.

Currently as a keyboard faculty member at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, she enjoys working with the next generation of musicians to enrich their musical life. In addition to teaching, she can be found sharing music in the community, performing solo and chamber works.