Joanne Allers

B.Ed, M.Mus

Joanne Allers has been an advocate of music performance and education for students of all ages since learning to play trumpet in Grade 7 Band, in Alberta. A graduate of the U of A with a B.Ed, she also attended classes at Northwestern University and completed a Master of Music degree at Northern Illinois University. While studying in Chicago, she was privileged to study with Luther Didrickson and Vincent Cichowicz, NU, Will Scarlett of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, with the renowned Arnold Jacobs, also formerly of the CSO, with Dr. Mark Ponzo (Eastman School of Music), and Mrs. Barbara Butler, current trumpet professor at Rice University, Houston.

She also furthered her understanding of piano pedagogy through studies with the remarkable Dr. William Koehler during her Post Graduate studies. Her understanding of working with young children was established through her studies of Edwin Gordon’s body of treatises and a mentorship with MaryEllen Pinzino. She established her own studios for young children both in a home studio and with the Calgary Boys’ Choir.

Mrs. Allers has performed with diverse groups, including brass quintets in Edmonton, Chicago and Calgary, the Altius Brass of Calgary, the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, and currently, with the Meridiem Wind Orchestra and the Civic Orchestra, both of Victoria. Joanne teaches a large trumpet studio of many ages at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, a group keyboard class, and teaches Middle School Band at St. Patrick’s Elementary School. When she isn’t teaching music or performing she enjoys gardening, hiking, and west coast activities with her family.