José Vieira

Dipl. Mus. Perf. (Camosun/VCM)

Bringing a modern sound to VCM this year, José has experience with a variety of music styles including jazz, rock, latin, folk, funk, reggae, and more. José is a very patient guitar teacher, who teaches with enthusiasm and friendliness.  José is teaching electric guitar for the Chwyl Family School of Contemporary Music, and the VCM’s Westhills location in Langford.

He enjoys teaching people of all ages and abilities. José has shared the stage with David Vest, Daniel Lapp, Joey Smith, Daniel Tate, Adam Dobres, Kelby MacNayr, and many other incredible musicians!

Originally from Brazil, José has lived in Canada since 2016. He started playing guitar when he was 12 years old and was inspired by Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Barney Kessel, and Wes Montgomery just to name a few. José studied at Selkirk College in Nelson and then transferred to Camosun/VCM in 2018. Upon graduation, he was awarded with two scholarships and was placed on the Dean’s Honour Role of Camosun College. Together with his wife, José has a young daughter and lives in Cowichan Valley.