Kelly Nordstrom

Kelly Avril Nordstrom is native to Canada’s West Coast and is well known as a gifted producer and educator. Most recently, Kelly celebrated the award winning debut release of his studio collaboration with the band “Sound of Contact”, featuring Simon Collins, Dave Kerzner and Matt Dorsey entitled “Dimensionaut”. SoC (Sound of Contact) was mixed by Producer Nick Davis (Genesis, Tony Banks, Mike + the Mechanics, XTC, Marillion…) and received the prestigious “Limelight Award” at the “Progressive Music Awards 2013” held in the UK, marking an important touchstone of Kelly’s musical and technical abilities.  Co-creator of the concept behind the “Dimensionaut” album, the package also includes an excerpt of Kelly’s original SoC Dimensionaut poetry, providing an example of the inspired diversity Kelly has as an artist which can help elevate projects to such critical and international success.

Kelly’s extensive work with Simon Collins and Lightyears Music LTD, LLC since 2004 is not to be overshadowed by the recent success of SoC. On Simon’s 2008 “U-Catastrophe” release Kelly worked with producer Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Shania Twain, Ringo Starr, Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, Hinder, Britney Spears, Rob Zombie…) who went on to win a Juno for “Best Engineer” for his work on that album. Simon’s solo albums also feature Kelly’s guitar playing on tracks with special guests such as Phil Collins and Steve Hacket of Genesis and Marcus Deml of the Scorpions.

Although a bona fide progressive rock guitarist, Kelly’s unparalleled musical diversity is exemplified with recent appearances on stage with artists such as Sass Jordan and Toni Childs. Furthermore, in the late 90′s Kelly also pioneered the Live House/Electronica music scene with the highly inventive Canadian band Velvet, later to become Kuba Ohms and the Velvet Revolution. The type of experience Kelly has had in the Industry and Institution of Music is unusual and priceless. Mentored from childhood by Jazz artist Louise Rose (Oscar Peterson) and later in life by iconic Canadian guitarist Sean Ashby (Sarah Mclachlan, Grapes of Wrath), Kelly has worked extensively in the independent music industry as well as corporate markets.

Kelly has studied a broad cross section of most Classical and Modern styles both institutionally and privately. In particular, Modern Jazz (Selkirk College: Berklee College of Music curriculum) and Flamenco (Gary Owen: Alma de Espana) have been important influences on Kelly’s unique approach to traditional guitar styles and electronic music. Kelly and Hayden Cyr of Mindyourself Music have worked together on a variety of projects over the last decade. Recently they composed and produced the score for a film entitled ‘Sync’ created by Jeremy Ball which was featured at international film festivals including Bumbershoot 2011. Currently, Hayden and Kelly have teamed up with Megan Johns to provide tailored commercial entertainment with their new group “Bourbon County”.,

HUMANMUSIC is Kelly’s new musical baby and a vehicle to make his wealth of knowledge and experience available to the public. It is a ‘way’ to practice and produce music. At HUMANMUSIC Kelly works with producers and students of all levels. (coming soon).