Laszlo Tamasik

Laszlo Tamasik is a new member of VCM Faculty under the Victoria Conservatory of Music’s keyboard pedagogy mentorship program. He is working with students under the supervision of his own teacher, Robert Holliston, and with the mentorship of several other senior VCM faculty members. Laszlo caters especially to the adult beginner or returnee in classical piano, also working with younger students. Being in the mentor program, Laszlo offers lessons at Fee Group I.

Laszlo is tenacious in the practice room and can teach practice techniques for efficiency in your own practice routine. In just 4 years of studying with Robert Holliston at the VCM, Laszlo progressed quickly from Gr 5 to Grade 9 RCM exams, and is now preparing for Gr 10 and ARCT. 

Laszlo received the Arthur Leeder scholarship in his first year of post-secondary study in the Camosun College Music Performance program and has consistently demonstrated great potential in teaching and performance. He performs regularly at VCM and has had the opportunity to accompany ballet class at Pacific Dance Centre, including their 2019 year-end recital and summer school.