Supriya Crocker

B.Sc. (Cap.U.); B.MT. (U.Cal)

Supriya Crocker is a certified music therapist, specializing with adult and children with neurologic conditions and trauma. She is passionate about how music interacts in the brain, with her work being featured in the Globe and Mail.

Supriya started her musical journey at the age of seven, learning classical piano. After years of practise and performance, she played in bands and taught music lessons.  It was when she had a student with multiple sclerosis and ADHD, that she saw growth which stretched beyond learning to sing a melody or play a song.  She started asking “How can music intentionally affect health?”, leading her to a career in music therapy.

With her education, passion and skill, Supriya brings a unique perspective to her work.  She holds a Bachelor of Music Therapy from the Capilano University and a Bachelor of Biological Sciences (Psychology Minor) from the University of Calgary.