For the Love of Chamber Music

Up until the 19th century, music was categorized by where it was performed; whether it was on stage, or in a church or in private quarters (i.e.: Chamber music).* Originating in Europe in the 17th century, Chamber music concerts include small ensembles of solo instruments performed in an intimate setting for music aficionados.

Trio Victoria: Sydney Humphreys (violin), Robin Wood (piano), and James Hunter (cello)

Historically, the Victoria Conservatory of Music has always cultivated chamber music. In 1967, Trio Victoria was registered as the first Chamber ensemble with the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Faculty members Robin Wood (piano), Jack Kessler, and James Hunter (cello) performed together until 1970 when Sydney Humphreys (violin) replaced Jack Kessler as the Head of the Strings Department. Wood and Humphreys had played together previously when they both lived in London, so the group took shape harmoniously.

“It is very special in trios or duets to have that sort of rapport. We never had to say which way we were going to do something. It just happened. Consequently, it was a little different each time we performed.” – Sydney Humphreys**

By 1971, Trio Victoria was performing in many cities and towns across B.C., as well as the Northwest Territories and Hawaii. The group helped to share the love of chamber music and showcased the exceptional faculty at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

Over the last five decades, Chamber music groups have been a continual focus and an important part of the Victoria Conservatory of Music’s heritage. The unique and intimate gathering of multiple single instrument performers has helped to strengthen relationships evoking a heartfelt chamber music family.

Celebrating our love and devotion to Chamber music, we are proud to present our second performance in the series: Yours Musically, With Love, on Sunday, February 10th at 2:30pm in the recently renovated Robin and Winifred Wood Recital Hall.

The performance will feature members of our dedicated and talented faculty: Ingrid Ingrid Attrot (soprano), Emily Nagelbach (flute), Patricia Kostek (clarinet), Paula Kiffner (cello), Robert Holliston (piano). They will perform an assortment of twentieth century French and German Chamber music, including Claude Debussy’s Sonata for cello and piano, Maurice Ravel’s Chansons madécasses, Francis Poulenc’s Sonata for flute and piano, and Beethoven’s Trio for piano, clarinet and cello, Op.11, interspersed with inspirational poetry readings.

Tickets for Yours Musically, With Love are $22. To buy tickets; Order Online: Ticketfly. Order by Phone: 250-386-5311. Or tickets available at: VCM Front Desk, 900 Johnson St. Victoria, BC


* Allsop, Peter. The Italian “Trio” Sonata: From its Origins until Corelli. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 1992.

** Forty Years in Four Movements: The History Of The Victoria Conservatory of Music’s First Forty Years. Joan Gorst Giles. (2004). Library and Archives Canada. Page 31.

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