Hire A Student/Faculty Performer

Hiring VCM Performers

Now that COVID-19 conditions are improving and gatherings and concerts are happening again in person (yeah!!) our students and faculty would love to get out into the community and perform.  We have updated how our performer – event matching process works, please read on…

Our role is to provide a matching service between people wanting to hire musicians for events and our students and faculty.  We are not a booking or employment agency.  We do this as a ‘Conservatory Advantage’ for our students and a benefit to the community.  We expect hosts hiring musicians to follow all relevant contracting and employment legislation and best practices.

There is a $40 connection fee for our match-making service for Performance Requests. This $40 fee will help cover some of the administrative time required to provide this service. The fee must be paid before we launch into action on your behalf.  If we are unable to recommend a student performer for the event requested, the fee will be refunded.


Note: if you are looking for professional musicians, please contact:
The Musicians’ Association of Victoria & the Islands
Telephone: 250-385-3954
email: [email protected]  *not affiliated with the VCM