Lexie Krakowski: Spark to Flame Student Feature

Meet Lexie Krakowski!

One of the student performers at the 2021 Spark to Flame Online Student Showcase!


Lexie KrakowskiLexie Jana Krakowski has been a student at the Victoria Conservatory of Music for eleven years. Studying the cello, she is currently a student of Brian Yoon, having previously worked with Paula Kiffner and Karen Whyte. Lexie has been a member of the Collegium program for 7 years, as well as the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra for 3 years.

She has received awards and scholarships from the Victoria Conservatory of Music, and the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival – winning at the provincial level in solo and chamber music – additionally placing first in the Don Chrysler, Louis Sherman, and Roberto and Mary Wood Scholarship Competitions. Lexie is honoured for the opportunity to be able to perform in the Spark to Flame Showcase.


Why did you apply to perform at Spark to Flame?

Spark to Flame has always been such a unique opportunity. It’s not very often a student like myself has the chance to solo accompanied by professional players. I have been fortunate enough to have played in Spark to Flame twice before, and I would say this concert holds a special place in my heart. As this is my last year as a student of the Victoria Conservatory of Music, I felt it was only right to apply for this opportunity one last time. I am very grateful for the chance to perform in this showcase once again, and I look forward to sharing my love of performance with the audience.


What piece are you performing and why did you choose it?

I will be performing Variations on a Rococo Theme, by Tchaikovsky. I chose this piece because of it’s incredibly charming and playful nature. Discovering the different characters in the piece has been challenging, yet rewarding. It’s has the perfect mix of emotions ranging from very mournful to pure joy. To be honest this piece is just really fun to play!


What are your aspirations in music?

Next year I will be pursuing my undergrad (as well as my masters, and possibly a doctorate) in cello performance. Ultimately, my goal is to perform professionally either as a soloist or a chamber musician.


Tell me a bit about yourself, outside of music

I am in grade 12 at Oak Bay High School, which I have attended since grade 9. I am an avid member of the performing arts at Oak Bay, predominantly in the theatre department. I have acted in multiple productions, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream and A Christmas Carol.



Lexie Krakowski



2021 Spark to Flame Online Student Showcase

Join us for one of the VCM’s most important and special annual events, the Spark to Flame Online Student Showcase, streamed live this year for the first time! The concert will be livestreamed on the Victoria Conservatory YouTube Channel on Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7:30PM (PST).

The Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Spark to Flame program supports emerging artist’s development and is open to all students of the VCM. Selected through audition, students are given the opportunity to work with VCM faculty in the weeks leading up to the performance to develop their professional and artistic skills. The final concert is a magical evening featuring students performing with fellow peers alongside professional orchestral musicians as the VCM Chamber Orchestra.

The following students have been selected to perform at this years event:

  • Camilo Aybar (clarinet)
  • Galen Boulanger (voice)
  • Alex Chen (voice)
  • Charlie Dutton (piano)
  • Lexie Krakowski (cello)

We are so fortunate to be able to live stream this spectacular event. We are suggesting to everyone who enjoys Spark to Flame and the joy of music, to make a $15 donation, or more, in lieu of purchasing a ticket. Your generous support ensures the VCM can continue to bring concerts to our community and keep music education as affordable as possible and accessible to all. Thank you!


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