Meet Alana Hayes! Opera Studio’s Xerxes

Posted March 10, 2020

Meet Alana Hayes! Opera Studio’s Xerxes!

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Alana Hayes will perform the role of Xerxes in this years Opera Studio production! Handel’s great opera Xerxes (Serse) is a story of sibling and romantic rivalry in the court of Persia where King Xerxes and his brother vie for power and affection in this comic masterpiece. Xerxes plans to marry Romilda, but his brother is also in love with her. When a former fiancée vows revenge, entertaining complications abound!

With stage direction by Alison Green and the Petit Baroque Ensemble lead by Jeanne Lamon, this promises to be a a thrilling production!



What program are you enrolled in at the VCM?

Opera studio is the only VCM program I’m in at present. I’m pursuing my Masters in musicology with performance at UVic, studying with Anne Grimm. When I was studying at the VCM as part of the Camosun program, I was a student of Nancy Argenta.


How long have you been singing for? What is your voice classification?

I am a mezzo-soprano, and have been singing seriously for 9 years.


Who inspired/influenced you to become a vocalist/ study music?

My parents are both musicians, so that has always been part of my life. I played the violin to a decently high level and have been in choirs since I was little. When I started taking voice lessons to help with the latter, I found that singing, rather than string playing, was my musical voice, and began to pursue that more seriously. I’m particularly interested in the academic study of music as well, and have always enjoyed music history and analysis.


Why did you audition for this role?

I was encouraged to audition by Nancy Argenta, my former voice teacher, who remains a mentor to me. Anne Grimm, with whom I am studying at UVic, agreed that it would be a really excellent role for me (and a total contrast to the Debussy I’ve been studying for my thesis!). The trouser roles I’ve done previously have been of the amorous teenaged boy variety, so the idea of playing a king (un-heroic as he may be) was exciting.

The fact that Jeanne Lamon and Christina Mahler will be involved in the orchestra was also a major enticement.


What are your long term aspirations in music?

I am completing my MA at UVic this spring. I plan to take some time off after that is done to work and continue performing in town; the longer-term goal is to pursue a PhD in musicology and teach music history.


Get your tickets now!

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Alana Hayes perform Xerxes in this years Opera Studio production! Tickets are now on sale for Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4, 2020, both at 7:30pm in Metro Theatre. Tickets are available on Eventbrite now!

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