Michael Kaeshammer educates VCM students

One of the great things about learning music at a school like the Victoria Conservatory of Music verus privately is the connection the school provides its students to working professional musicians, industry leaders, local performers and countless other music makers.

A perfect example of this was the somewhat impromptu workshop given this week by piano virtuoso, eloquent singer/songwriter, and engaging performer Michael Kaeshammer. If you are not familiar with Michael have a listen to this performance and you’ll get a better sense of what an amazing opportunity this was for our students.

The workshop, which took place in Wood Hall, was a very personal experience for those in attendance as Michael began by getting to know the students and their musical goals. He then provided ideas and a potential road map for achieving those goals.

Beyond sharing his experience (good and bad) in the music industry he also provided some one on one instruction to two very fortunate Postsecondary students.

Thank you Michael for reaching out to the VCM and your interest in music education at our school.  Apologies for the poor quality pics but that day we were just too focused on the content.




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