Micki Stirling – Animateur, Collegium Program

Micki Stirling

Micki Stirling, Animateur

So what is an Animateur anyway?

The word is French, meaning, variously: to animate, to bring to life, to enliven, to spark, to create, to produce.  According to the MacMillan Dictionary, an Animateur is “someone whose job is to organize cultural projects or social events and get people interested in them”.  A third source says,  “a practising artist, in any art form, who uses her/his skills, talents and personality to enable others to compose, design, devise, create, perform or engage with works of art of any kind.”

Thomas Cabaniss, composer and Animateur with the Philadelphia Orchestra, wrote that “Many orchestras in the U.K. have animateurs on staff (some are orchestra musicians and some are composers); they are musicians who are committed to community work.

When it was clear that the Collegium Program needed more support than just an Artistic Director, it was decided that what was needed was an Animateur: an experienced arts administrator to ‘Nurture a Community of Gifted Young Musicians’.  After two years of part-time work for the Collegium Program, the job was expanded, bringing that model to the Keyboard Department and then the new Dean’s office.

Micki Stirling’s job is to use all her 40 years of arts administration experience and skills to nurture a community of faculty, parents and students, to ensure that together we create an outstanding environment for teaching and learning.

She is honoured to be part of the vibrant VCM team.

In the arts, Micki has worked for Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Kootenay School of Art, the West Kootenay Regional and Nelson Arts Councils, the Columbia Basin Arts Alliance, the BC Festival of the Arts and the Canadian College of Performing Arts. She has also worked in accounting, home health care administration, and for the Sierra Club.

Outside of work her passions are family, reading, dance and French.  She has served on many non-profit boards in English and in French.