Music Programs

Simple Trumpet Tunes (6 – 9 years)

Engage your child in the world of brass playing at a young age and watch them flourish musically, socially, and academically. This active group class introduces young students to trumpet, rhythm using a variety of drums, interactive games and activities that foster music reading and writing. Playing in a supportive environment is a primary benefit of choosing a group class to start (or continue) your child on a vibrant musical journey with others.

Term 1: Sep 17 - Jan 14
Term 2: Jan - May

Westhills: Tue • 3:30-4:15pm • $241.25/term
Downtown: TBA

Consult the instructor prior to registering. Class schedule to be confirmed through instructor.

Joanne Allers

Joanne Allers, B.Ed, M.Mus, has experienced a rich musical education encompassing mentorship and instruction from musicians and educators in Edmonton and Chicago. After graduating from the U of A, and teaching for the Edmonton Public School Board, Joanne benefited from four years of trumpet study in Chicago, studying primarily with Mr Luther Didrickson (Northwestern University) and Mr Mark Ponzo (Northern Illinois University), but also with William Scarlett (Chicago Symphony Orchestra), the late Arnold Jacobs, and Barbara Butler (Rice University). While residing in Calgary for 15 years, Joanne performed with Altius Brass Ensemble, with highlights including performing with the Bach Society (…)

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Kelly Kirby Piano Method – 4 to 6 year olds

This simple, fun approach to music is designed to capture the imagination of the young child. Ear-training, sight-reading, and piano playing are taught from the very first lesson. Colouring, stickers, and singing are incorporated into this note-reading method to compliment musical elements. Kelly Kirby method is available through studio (Individual or shared) instruction.  For more […]

Lessons in the Kelly Kirby method are offered through Individual instruction only.

Stella Barbon

Stella Barbon received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria and also holds an AVCM in Teaching. She studied piano with Winifred Scott Wood and Anne Brayshaw. Her Italian studies took place at the University of Victoria and the Instituto Dante Alighieri in Rome. Ms. Barbon is a qualified Kelly Kirby Kindergarten Piano instructor.

Roger Buksa

As an experienced adjudicator, and member of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s College of Examiners, Roger Buksa has judged festivals throughout BC including the lower mainland. His students regularly earn awards in regional and provincial competitions and have been selected to perform as concerto soloists with orchestra.
He has also participated in the VCM Summer Piano Academy as a teacher and performer and has performed in several concerts as part of the VCM Presents series, including with classical guitarist Dr. Alexander Dunn, and in an established duo-piano team with Anna Cal.
Roger Buksa studied with Eva Kinderman (at UVic and

Erin Fisher

Erin Frances Fisher’s teaches piano at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Her students have received scholarships, attended Piano Academy and participated in RCM exams and masterclasses. She teaches ages four and up, offering Kelly Kirby Method lessons for young beginners. Erin holds an MFA from the University of Victoria, Diplomas in both Piano Performance, Pedagogy, and Composition from Camosun College, and an AVCM in Piano Pedagogy and Performance. She has received music and teaching awards such as the Woods International Piano Scholarship, and Teacher Training Excellence Award. In addition to her music studio, Erin is a sessional instructor in the (…)

Linda Low

Linda. Low has achieved the Victoria Conservatory of Music/Camosun College Diploma in Music Instruction – Piano Pedagogy and Literature, Keyboard Skills. She studied with Dr. Robin Wood at the University of Victoria and the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Ms. Low is a Silver Medalist with the Royal Conservatory of Music. She has twice been a National Finalist in the Canadian Music Competition. She was a Guest Soloist with the Victoria Symphony on their West Coast Tour. She is an active adjudicator, examiner, and clinician, as well as a qualified Kelly Kirby piano method instructor.

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Suzuki Piano – 3.5-5 year olds

Based on the philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki – the “mother tongue” method – that talent is not inborn, it has to be cultivated within a supportive environment. Children learn to play by ear through repeated listening and immersion in a musical environment. Note-reading is taught once the ear is sufficiently developed and piano technique […]

Wednesday 2:00-3:00pm
Consult instructor for placement information

Paloma De La Guerra

Paloma de la Guerra has been teaching at the VCM since in the very early days of its existence, and continues to this day to be an inspiration to the countless students who have learnt piano with her. Paloma received her Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Madrid, Spain. She also studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, with John Weatherseed and Alma Cockburn, and in Victoria with Robin Wood. She has taken specialized Suzuki training in Canada and the United States. Ms. de la Guerra offers instruction in both English and Spanish.

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Suzuki Violin and Cello (3+ years)

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki developed his program after realizing that every child learns to speak through listening, repetition, positive reinforcement and gentle yet specific guidance. In music, this approach allows anyone to play with skill, beauty and confidence. Dr. Suzuki strove to create impeccable musicians but considered creating a beautiful heart in others of foremost importance. […]

Suzuki Violin - Group Schedule
Term 1: Sep 12/14 - Jan 9/11
Term 2: Jan 30/Feb 1 - May 14/16

Suzuki Prep Class (Studio instruction not required)
Downtown (Ages 3+)
Term 1 & 2: Sat • 10:15  - 11:00am • $262 /term

Westhills (Ages 4  - 7)
Term 1: Sat • 10:15  - 11:00am • $268
Term 2: Sat • 9:30 - 10:15am • $284

Group Classes • Downtown
Pre-Twinkle: Sat • 11:45am - 12:30pm
Level 1: Sat • 1:00  - 1:45pm
Level 2: Sat • 11:00  -  11:45pm
Level 3: Sat • 1:45  -  2:30pm
Level 4: Thu • 4:45  -  5:30pm
Level 5: Thu • 5:30  -  6:15pm
30 min lessons + group: $957.75/term
45 min lessons + group: $1,304.50/term

Suzuki Cello - Group Schedule
Term 1: Sep 14/15 - Jan 11/12
Term 2: Feb 1/2 - May 30/31

Prep Class - Ages 3+ (Studio instruction not required)
Sat • 11:00  - 11:45am • $262/term • Downtown

Group Classes • Downtown
Books 1-2: Sat • 12:15 - 1:00pm
Books 3-4: Sun • 3:30 - 4:15pm
30 min lessons + group: $862.75/term

Raya Fridman

Raya holds a College Diploma in Orchestra/Music Education from Russia and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, as well as a Master in Music from the University of Victoria. Her performing experiences include the Chamber Orchestra of Leningrad, Montreal Chamber Orchestra, Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Symphony Orchestra and Victoria Chamber Orchestra. She has also enjoyed masterclasses with Pinkas Zukerman, Eleonora and Yuli Turovski, Richard Roberts, Thomas Williams and workshops with “I Musici” and “Quador Bozzini”. Raya has been leading Civic Orchestra of Victoria for the last three years. Ms. Fridman teaches violin and Suzuki violin at the (…)

Karen Whyte

Upon hearing the legendary Jacqueline Du Pré perform in Vancouver, Karen became enthralled with the cello. Lessons with Judith Fraser and Ian and Colin Hampton preceded a Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance, completed in 1985. Since then, Karen has completed a Professional Teaching Certificate, a Camosun College/Victoria Conservatory of Music Strings Diploma and Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Education. She is beginning her certification as a Suzuki Cello Instructor. Karen teaches music and strings in the Greater Victoria School District and cello to private students at VCM. She has worked with both the VCM Music Discovery Camp and the (…)

Dexine Wallbank

DEXINE WALLBANK was a member of The Canadian Opera Company Orchestra and also played with the National Ballet Orchestra of Canada, both in Toronto. Apart from the years she spent in eastern Canada, Dexine has played with the Victoria Symphony Orchestra since she was twenty years old. Over the years she has also played with various chamber groups including the early music group, Victoria Festival Consort. Dexine received Suzuki teacher training form the Suzuki Kingston institute as well as the Guelph Suzuki institute. In addition to many years of giving lessons privately from her home, she has also taught at (…)

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