Studio Instruction

Individual and Shared Studio Instruction

Studio Instruction takes place in VCM lesson studios, as opposed to in classrooms, and is available in practically all subject areas and disciplines.  Although most students will prefer individual studio lessons (one on one), the VCM offers students the possibility to “build your own group”, and share the hourly cost of studio instruction.  Shared studio instruction is an ideal and economical way for 2 to 3 beginners to try out lessons in music.

Call 250-386-5311 to set up a Free Sample Lesson!

How to apply for Studio Instruction: The first step to beginning your studio lessons at the VCM is to fill out and submit our Student Referral Form. It only takes about five minutes to complete the form, which you can also do by phone, or in person. We’ll ask you some basic information, such as contact details, availability, musical experience and the instrument you (or you and your one or two group members) are hoping to study. This will help us to match you with the teacher who is best suited to your needs. Your new teacher will contact you to arrange a short interview or “sample” lesson, and then you’ll be on your way!

Typically, students register for 36 lessons per year (18 each term). However, in consultation with your teacher, you may register for as many, or as few, lessons as you wish. While our academic terms begin in September and late January respectively, you may begin lessons at any time throughout the year. Lessons are also available through the summer.

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A well-trained musical ear is one of the most important assets any musician can have, and goes far beyond the first basic lesson of learning that there is a difference between “hearing” music, and “listening to” music.  Ear-training is an integral part of learning music from the very beginning. The skills developed will make the learning and performing of music much easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Students enrolled in studio instruction are encouraged to add Ear-Training and theory instruction, as complementary classes that perfectly integrate with weekly instrumental or vocal lessons.

Students preparing for RCM exams, may require extra help setting up a practice regime for their ear-training component, or need “fine tuning” to help ensure they do well on their exam.  The VCM offers short upgrading courses during its Summer Academy as well as Individual Studio Instruction. Students learn how to effectively practice intervals, chords, chord progressions, play-backs, rhythm clap-backs, and rhythmic reading to match their instrumental level.

For more information on Ear-Training Studio Instruction, please contact Crystal Wiksyk, Theory Program Coordinator,  Conservatory School of Classical Music.  Email Crystal Wiksyk

Chamber Music, Jazz Combos, and Pop/Rock Bands

If you are interested in playing in small groups, the VCM offers a variety of options.  Whether you have a pre-formed ensemble or are hoping to find like-minded players, we can help!  Many of our highly qualified faculty offer coaching in a shared lesson setting.  We’ll help organize groups where necessary, arrange a coach, and provide rehearsal and practice space.

For more information, contact Rosabel Choi, Assistant Program Director, at 250.386.5311 ext. 3310 or via email

VCM also offers many performance opportunities for students, both within the VCM, and out in the community:

See the VCM Adult Recital Group and Hiring a Student Performer