Music Technology Lab

School of Music Technology and Creativity:

The Pitt and Sheila Linder Music Technology and Creativity Lab

Knowing how to work creatively with music technology is an essential skill that every 21st century musician needs to own, to ensure that when it comes to writing, recording, or performing music, they are ahead of the curve, and are able to hit the ground running with whatever project or new opportunity comes along, and be successful.

The Victoria Conservatory of Music’s School of Music Technology & Creativity, is now able to provide a more relevant and essential pathway to learning about the newest advances in music technology, by offering hands-on experience and working with professional faculty who are highly experienced in the field.

The VCM’s Pitt and Sheila Linder Music Technology and Creativity Lab is located at the VCM’s downtown location, 900 Johnson Street, in what was formerly a more traditional theory/composition classroom. State-of-the-art computer workstations (iMacs) and audio equipment now await students, offering many of the industry standard professional software titles, including:

  • Digital Notation Software – Finale, and Sibelius
  • Virtual Instrument Library – Native Instruments Kontakt 11
  • Digital Audio Workstation and Sequencing – Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Reaper, Max 7, Audacity, and Ableton Live

In addition to the software, the room is outfitted with a multi-channel audio system, to allow students to hear their creations and discuss with their instructor and peers, and instead of a traditional blackboard, there is a state-of-the-art ActivPanel full-size touch screen display that allows instructor and students to make use of a broad range of functions, while also connecting live with industry professionals and mentors anywhere around the globe.

Students also have the opportunity to learn about performing live with electronic and virtual instruments, including polyphonic synthesizers, sequencing, Ableton Live PUSH, electric 4 and 5-string violins, and much more.

It is only through the generosity of Pitt and Sheila Linder, that the VCM was able to realize this wonder new Music Technology Lab, and we are so very grateful to them!

Producer’s Recording Club – Level 1

For Ages 13 – 19

Level 1: (Learning the new Logic Pro 10.5)


Working one-on-one or in pairs with VCM’s highly experienced Songwriter and Producer Wynn Gogol, Level 1 focuses on learning all about the new Logic Pro 10.5 with the many new advanced features.

Tuition includes: Four hours of individual lessons taken during the week of July 6 to the week of Aug 7, (no lessons during week of July 20). Instructor will arrange lessons directly with each student.

Note: Students are encourage to sign up with a siblings or friend and attend each other’s lessons, thus resulting in twice the lesson time!

Cost: $254.25

Location: Pitt and Sheila Linder Music Technology & Creativity Lab at the VCM Downtown location

Producer’s Recording Club – Level 2

For Ages 13 – 19

Level 2: (EDM and Pop Music Production using LP 10.5)


An intensive “camp” week designed for students who write their own music and have an interest in live recording, mixing and sampling in a DAW. Students will meet for 3 hours per day from Monday to Friday to record, mix and sample a variety of instruments. Instruction will focus on using the new Logic Pro 10.5 software (completion of Level 1, or prior knowledge of Logic Pro is highly recommended). Recordings will be loaded into the Logic Pro sampler for use in an original composition. Students will work on an individual project that incorporates samples from the workshop.

Dates/Times: August 10 – 14, Daily 10:00 am – 1:30 pm (includes two 15-minute breaks)

Cost: $263.25

Instructor: Wynn Gogol

Location: Pitt and Sheila Linder Music Technology & Creativity Lab at the VCM Downtown location

Push! (Ableton Live Suite 10)

Ages: Youth 13+ and Adult


This summer camp is for students wishing to explore the uses of Ableton Live 10 and Push. The intensive program focuses on solutions for integrating the award winning Ableton Live 10 software with the amazing Push electronic instrument, into both composition and live performance workflows. The four day program will be broken into four modules as follows:
Day 1 – Field Records / Sample Import / Playing recorded samples with Push

Day 2 – Sample Manipulation / Drum Creation / Drum Programming

Day 3 – Synthesizer Programming / Writing Melodies and Bass Lines

Day 4 – Effects / Mixing / Arrangement / Rendering Final Project

Each day ends with a sharing session where students show their progress and unique take on what we’ve learned helping inspire them and each other. The course results in each student taking home a piece of original electronic music they’ve written.

Note to Students: Please bring your own headphones and a USB stick or SD card to each class.

Dates/Times: Aug 4-7, Daily 10:00am-1:30pm (includes two 15-minute breaks)

Cost: $216.05

Instructor: Nathan Jonson

Location: The Pitt & Sheila Linder Music Technology & Creativity Lab at the VCM Downtown location.

Recording & Production Project Award offered for 2020-2021


Award Description

Newly launched in May 2019, the Recording & Production Project Award is intended to support current students of the VCM, developing as emerging music artists, who aspire to record themselves and/or other emerging music artists, through a personal or collaborative creative and entrepreneurial project.

This new award provides up to a $1200 cash contribution towards the successful applicant’s project.

Rules and Criteria

Applicants must:

  1. a) Be a currently registered Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) student, and remain such for the duration of the proposed project;
  2. b) Have final creative control over the proposed project; and
  3. c) Adhere to international intellectual property rights standards and cultural ownership protocols.

The Application in-take period for the VCM Recording & Production Project Award is the same as VCM Scholarship Awards, with the award being announced as part of the annual VCM Awards Day Ceremony in June.   Award recipients receive the cash award to use in the following academic year.

Please note: Award recipients will be requested to provide/confirm their date of birth and SIN in order to receive the cash award.

Successful applicants, must complete their project by March 31st of the following year, and upon completion of their project, will be requested to submit to the Office of the Dean, a copy of the recording project, and a short (500 word approx.) narrative on successes and challenges encountered during the project work.

Additional Application Requirements

1) Provide a written statement in text boxes below (700 words max) covering the following topics:

  1. a) Description of the project, project objectives, the number of people to be involved, including names, and relationship to the VCM (if any), as well as what their respective roles/tasks will be;
  2. b) A short synopsis about the applicant’s musical training, and knowledge/skills/experience accumulated to date in the area of recording and production;
  3. c) Potential impact the project award will have on the applicant’s development as an Emerging Artist, and how the project might contribute to the Greater Victoria music culture.

2) Provide a project timeline, including anticipated start and completion dates, as well as dates of significant milestones.

3) Provide a project budget, listing anticipated expenses, and sources of revenue beyond the award funding requested.

Note: the amount awarded will be equal to the lesser of 80% of budget expenses or the maximum award amount of $1200.


  • 2019-2020  Alyra Myrkwood (VCM/Camosun Postsecondary Diploma)

For more information on Music Technology programs being offered at the VCM, please contact the Office of the Dean.