Published March 1, 2015



Listen to Dr. Johanne Brodeur on the Zone with Jon Williams:

Read our Music Therapy Awareness Month Press Release.

MUSIC HEALS: Watch this CBC video about how Musical therapy gives hope to burn victim James Harder.

Music Therapy Article on CNN: When patients have ‘music emergencies’


HELP FILL A DREAM FOUNDATION has donated funds for a new Soundbeam 5 and laptop for one of our Music Therapy studios. The Soundbeam 5 is the incredible music instrument that uses motion sensors to translate body movements into music and sound.

On behalf of all the participants who ever dreamed to play an instrument but were unable to do so until today, we say “Thank you from the bottom o f our heart” . And to our participants just remember to never let go of your dreams.
–  Dr. Johanne Brodeur


Denyse Koo, President / Dr. Johanne Brodeur, VCM & MTD Head / Craig Smith, CEO / Jaime Adams, Vice-President


SPECIAL OLYMPICS BC – Changing Young Lives Through Sport. The VCM has partnered with Special Olympics BC to promote their amazing programs for children ages 2 to 18. Check out their new “Active Start” for children age 2 to 6.  Please take the time download their information here:

2 responses to “MUSIC THERAPY NEWS 2015”

  1. Colleen says:

    I heard on the Q radio station about you wanting used iPods for the speech therapy. I’m getting into a little late since then but I have an iPod Nano that’s not used anymore. The one things that needs some work done to it is the battery needs to be replaced. I got a battery repair kit to put in but I can’t do that as you need a soldering tool to do it. Do you know or have someone that can to it?

    • Blaine Jeffery says:

      Hi Colleen, I do believe the iPod donations do need to be in working order. I cannot confirm whether they have anyone who would be able to repair yours. If you are able to have a repair shop fix it the iPod Pharmacy program would be happy to accept the donation. – Blaine

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