Music Therapy Videos

We hope the following Music Therapy videos will help give you a better sense of the power of music therapy and the wonderful joy your support helps bring. We will continue to add new videos and share inspirational stories on this page.

Our Music Therapy Camp instructors got creative during a lunch break: Improv with Graylen (cello) and Allan and Johanne (1 piano, 4 hands).

Music Therapy Camp 2020 was featured on CTV Vancouver Island – at the 23:10 minute mark. (Published August 14, 2020)

Music Therapist Graylen Howard organized a socially distant concert for the residents of a long term care home. (Published June 2, 2020)

No Distance – a song about COVID from Marie and Allan Slade (Published June 2, 2020)


Music, art and horticulture provide creative and safe outlets for the emotions that we all have but that people with dementia are often not able to verbally express. These activities are important therapeutic tools that allow Elders and therapists to deal with issues such as frustration and anger. They also encourage pride of accomplishment within our Elders. Watch Music Therapy  in Action!

Adam Sawatsky and Leif’s inspiring Sawatsky Sign-Off. Watch it here:

Watch Music Therapy and Technology intersect. Empower, Create, Smile!

Allan Slade providing a little Green Day Music Therapy!


Soundbeam worldwide award winner, Ari Kinarthy tries Waveband for the first time

Music Therapist Oona Jean and the Bandwagon Project

Bandwagon2 – Life Stories and Music Project at Beacon Hill Villa from Oona Jean on Vimeo.


Music Therapy Empowers Mental Wellness
CTV ‘I Love This Island’ – Feb 2014


Video from the New York Times showing how Music Therapy helps premature babies. Live Music’s Charms, Soothing Premature Hearts


Watch a report on the power of music therapy in treating brain injuries and helping patients recover.


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