Musical Milestones European Tour May 2019

Blog contributor: Mary Byrne, Flutist, Teacher, and Musicologist


After decades of being unsure about jazz music, one day I found myself at Preservation Hall in New Orleans weeping and singing along at the same time.   I witnessed my sister – a non-lover of classical music – slip into a similar state of ecstasy upon hearing the music of Joseph Haydn sung in the Imperial Chapel in Vienna.  Travel does that to you!  It heightens the senses.  It challenges understandings and perspectives.  It piques curiosity, reveals hidden ideas, and demystifies remote notions.  Quite simply, travel makes real the things we can’t experience at home.

The homeland of classical music is Europe, and this coming May 2019 I will be leading 25 travellers into the heart of Europe to experience the best classical music on the ground where it was born:  Musical Milestones 2019.

Musical Milestones

Discover breathtaking Baroque architecture at Dresden Zwinger. The palace houses renowned museums and is the venue for many music and theater events.

Berlin – our first stop – places us in the modern city of Deutsche Grammophon, cabarets, and the Berlin Philharmonic.  A stop at Potsdam and a stay at Dresden will seat us in two of Europe’s great Baroque musical courts.

For two nights at Leipzig we will walk the footsteps of Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn, and Richard Wagner.

Forging to the east, we visit the UNESCO heritage centres of Wrocław and Kraków in Poland, where western classical and eastern traditional music meet.

We end our tour in Budapest to the strains of music by nationals, émigrés, and expats floating above the waters of the hot springs and the Danube.

Musical Milestones

Budapest along the Danube banks is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

To make the tour easy on you, Musical Milestones 2019 comes complete with regional cuisine, centrally-located hotels, private coach travel, and full-time local tour staff.  The centerpiece of the tour will be a selection of classical music concerts and cultural experiences unique to each destination.  Plenty of free time and options for extra concerts give you opportunity to follow your own interests or to sop up Europe’s incomparable ambiance.  But … what makes the tour particularly special is that get to do all of this and you will have the attention of an expert musician and musicologist – myself, Mary Byrne – to animate your musical experiences and connect the dots of musical history and heritage along the way.

Join us!  Share this news!  Give a gift!  Treat yourself!  Seize the opportunity!  Just come on along!  Not only will your tour result in a tax-deducatable donation to the VCM to keep the music flowing here at home, your tour promises to be a musical adventure unlike any you have ever experienced.

Tickets are available through the end of December 2018 through Vision Travel. Download the Registration Form here. For more information contact:

Jackie Matthews at 250-412-1876 or
Martina Peladeau at 250-412-1883 or


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2 responses to “Musical Milestones European Tour May 2019”

  1. Marion Lewis says:

    I, Marion, and my husband Wyn are very interested in this trip. We are both in our late 60’s and currently live in Kelowna and have strong links to Victoria. Will we fit into your demographic! How many places are left and how soon must we make a decision?
    Many thanks

    • Erin Fraser says:

      Hi Marion, we are so glad to hear that you’re interested in this trip! We have 25 places total and still have a fair number available (tell your friends!) We ask that you book by mid-December to help ensure that it goes ahead. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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