New VCM Website

Hello! Our new website has arrived and we’re all very excited to finally have a proper online home for all of our information and great content. Huge thanks to Harrington Creative (Doug, Balazs Bagi and Marc Alonzo)Harrington Creative for their amazing work and patience. Look for lots of new videos, photos and information being added in the coming weeks and if you would like to provide any feedback regarding our site we’d be happy to hear it.

Allow me to also introduce our new VCM blog ‘Rhythm & News’. Home to all the musical goings on within our school, venues, musical communities and soon a great resource of musical information, teacher tips, concert highlights and more…

We hope you’ll enjoy and share our video and photo galleries with your social networks and if you haven’t already please join our VCM communities on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy the NEW localhost/!

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