Outstanding Planter Contest – Winner!

Voters had a big decision to make and the votes were close, but in the end the Most Outstanding Planter Contest winner rolled to a clear victory.

Congratulations to Thrifty Foods at Royal Oak, whose ingenious shopping cart planter swept the competition, and helped raise $1,200 for the VCM during this year’s Mother’s Day Musical Garden Tour.

Thrifty Food Royal Oak's winning Mother's Day Musical Garden Tour entry

Thrifty Food Royal Oak’s Outstanding Planter Contest entry

Seven additional planters were entered as part of the competition and prizes in the silent auction.

“Selling them was easy,” said Joyce Hodd, contest organizer and fundraising volunteer. “Every planter was unique and outstanding.”

The participants were:

Garden Works Oak Bay


Holland Avenue Nursery

Thrifty Foods – Fairfield

Thrifty Foods – Quadra

Thrifty Foods – Broadmead

Thrifty Foods – Saanichton

Thank you to Joyce and to all of our competitors – your participation was a huge contribution to the VCM Mother’s Day Musical Garden Tour.  Thank you for your support and for sharing your talents with so many enthusiastic gardeners.

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