Pacific Baroque Festival – TELEMANN’S FANTASY


including recently rediscovered Fantasias

Marc Destrubé (violin)
Soile Stratkauskas (flute)
Natalie Mackie (viola da gamba)

Thursday, 16 February 11am
Alix Goolden Performance Hall, 907 Pandora

This year’s Festival starts with a concert of Telemann’s Fantasias for solo instruments through which Telemann demonstrated his originality and inventiveness.  This engaging program will reveal the warmth and charm of Telemann’s music, the beauty of his melodies, and will bring to light his playfulness and ingenuity. Telemann’s Fantasias have been described as a “cornucopia of musical ideas” demonstrating his extraordinary knowledge of the capabilities of the instrument and his mastery of the chamber music form.

This concert will present some of Telemann’s recently-discovered Fantasias for the viola da gamba.  Published in 1735, not a single copy of these long-considered “lost fantasias” appeared to have survived the centuries until they were recently unearthed in 2015.  This concert’s audience will be among the first in 280 years to experience their live performance.

“Even though they (the fantasias) all give the impression of being played ad-lib, most of them are nonetheless written down properly, however they are so very little kept in place and order that no one could hardly find a better general term to designate them than the one describing a good idea.” – John Matheson (Hamburg 1739)

Ticket holders are invited to arrive early to enjoy a complimentary coffee service, starting at 10am in Wood Hall.

$25 Adults; $20 Seniors/Students
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