New 'Play Piano Today' Classes Starting January 23

Play your favorite songs in 10 weeks with Linda Gould’s Play Piano Today Group Piano Classes for Adults and for Teens. New one hour classes start Wednesday, January 23, 2013.

SIGN UP TODAY – call 250.588.5106

PPT 1 – Little or no previous piano experience.
We’ll fill your musical toolbox full of tools to play chord charts and your favorite tunes. Lots of playing time in this one hour class. New Classes start at 1:30 and at 5:30. We need at least 4 to make a group so please register early.

PPT 2 – More practice with fun chord charts. Classes at 7:30 on Wednesday night.

PPT 3 – We dive into ‘Fake Books’ and learn to play along to a personalized CD. Come join us at 6:30 on Wednesday’s.

NEW for TEENs – come and join us at 4:30 on Wednesday. A great supplemental class to your private piano, violin or vocal lessons. Put the theory you are learning into practice at the keyboard.

For information on each Play Piano Today course download our Adult Continuing Education Calendar 

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