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Published September 8, 2015

Orff Classes at the Victoria Conservatory of Music

… Music is playing behind the closed door.  The door opens and in a flash, shoes are off and everyone is dancing.

The visionary educator and composer, Carl Orff, said “Children love to play, so let them Orff is funlearn while they play.”  This is the fundamental principle of Orff Music Classes.  The classes are child-centred, holistic, multi-layered, sequential and above all, joyous!
In the Victoria Conservatory Orff Program, children from babies and toddlers to school aged students are welcomed into the wonderful world of music in a nurturing and stimulating environment. With a curriculum designed to enhance creativity, children learn and grow by singing, dancing and playing their way to musical understanding.  Classes are designed to develop understanding of musical concepts including music literacy, strengthen language and physical co-ordination, and foster problem- solving abilities. Drama and improvisation are integral in providing children with opportunities to make the study of music a true adventure. Using a variety of multi-sensory materials such as parachutes, scarves, balls, bubbles, books, and stuffed animals, young children explore a variety of concepts such as beat and rhythm, high and low, fast and slow, loud and quiet and more. Older children expand their knowledge of instrumental sounds and techniques and from age 6 learn to play the recorder.

Up to age 5, parents, grandparents and caregivers participate in classes and are welcome in the classes of all ages. For parents Natacha and Ed, Orff classes have become an important part of the family’s life.

Says Natacha:

“More than just a teaching methodology, the classes have had a real community / extended family feel to them.  Our child has loved getting to know the other people involved with the class (students, parents, teacher.) It makes music feel like a lifestyle”.

Myra, a mother of a two year old says

“What IS Orff to me?  It’s not only a way of introducing my child to musical concepts but an aid for his social and intellectual development. And it helps ME a lot in teaching my son with the aid of music and songs.”

Grandparent Evie says:

“All of this learning is done in such a fun and natural way, by dancing, singing and with an introduction to the musical instruments.”

Mom Emily describes her experience this way:

“It has been a fascinating process to watch my daughter develop musical literacy through play.  The process is a gentle one for little children and I think this gentleness along with a great sense of fun, work together in a really symbiotic way. My daughter sings the songs we learn throughout the week and points out things she’s learned – rhythm, beat, notes – and this means that what we learn extends far beyond the classroom and into the daily routine of our lives”.

For Anita, who herself participated in Orff classes as a child and whose 5 year old child has participated in Orff classes at VCM since the age of six months,

“I see Orff bringing out something in every child, even the shyest ones, and I see children who are engaged and enjoying their musical experience”.

Taught by Orff specialists, Marcelline Moody, Brenda Harvey and Georgina Craig, Orff classes are up and running again this fall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For more information visit our ORFF PAGE or sign up online


Orff Classes

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