Postsecondary Forms


There are two application processes – one for Camosun College and one for the Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM). Both must be complete by the deadline for which you are applying (February 28, May 15, June 29). Click here to see the Application Process Map.

Before you complete a VCM Application, you must pay the Application Fee ($75 for Music Performance, $40 for Music Technologies). Click the “Application Fee” buttons below to pay online now ($2.25 Transaction Fee applies), or see the Application Process Map above for more options.

Diploma in Music Performance

Please consult Camosun’s Diploma in Music Performance webpage for the most complete information regarding this program.

Applications Deadlines – There are three admission intake deadlines.

  • February 28 to be considered for First Round Admission (audition/assessment March 15-April 15, notification by April 20).
  • May 15 for Second Round if space is available (audition/assessment May 16-22, notification by June 1)
  • June 29 Third Round if space is available (audition/assessment June 30-July 10, notification by June 20) Third Round Applications are accepted after July 1 only where available space exists and when the applicant is recommended to the program by a senior instructor of VCM faculty. Applicant must demonstrate the complete fulfillment of the entrance requirements within 72 hours of their audition. Live auditions are preferred. If you are an international student or live outside of the province of BC, a video audition may be accepted in lieu of a live audition (see the Application Process Map for instructions).

Students may retake the Theory Assessment after upgrading theory/harmony skills throughout the summer. This ‘Theory Assessment Retake’ has an additional $40 fee, and must be completed on or before July 31. More details will be provided after the initial Theory Placement Assessment.

Additional information:

Certificate in Music Technologies

Please consult Camosun’s Certificate in Music Technologies webpage for the most complete information regarding this program, which is delivered 100% online.

  • For September intake: please apply to Camosun and submit your VCM application materials by July 1st.
  • If January intake is available: please apply to Camosun and submit your VCM application materials by November 1st


  • Proof of completion of at least a “C” in MUSC 110 or equivalent.  The expected Minimum Music Competency theory/rudiments level is the equivalent of RCM Grade 6 or MUSC 110. Please note that MUSC 110 is a classroom course, and cannot be taken online. You may alternatively choose to complete a written Theory Placement Assessment (TPA) through the VCM ($40). Contact Rosabel Choi for details.