Postsecondary Student brings her newborn baby to group classes

Published November 9, 2022

After already learning to play the cello to an intermediate level, Juhui started taking beginner violin lessons at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Although her natural inclination was to stick with a string instrument, she had also sung her whole life and decided to make the leap to Classical Voice for a challenge. Juhui is now enrolled in her first year of the VCM/ Camosun College Diploma in Music Performance Program in the voice studio of Kyron Basu, Victoria Conservatory of Music Voice Faculty.   


New beginnings

In the Winter 2022 school term, Juhui shared with faculty and staff that she was pregnant and received helpful support with planning her classes with her baby in mind. Jumping ahead to September, her beautiful baby boy was born the same week Fall classes began. Determined to pursue her first Diploma year, she followed up with her instructors to see if she could bring her baby to class. All faculty supported her request and even offered to baby-sit.  

The {Victoria Conservatory of Music} faculty really care about the students’ attitude on top of quantitative values of achievements. They know I want to be part of the class and the school community fully supports me and my baby – that’s how I fell in love with this beautiful community!”

Fellow classmates have also been supportive. They offer a simple gesture like a smile, which helps to relieve stress in the moment. Students in a group class would approach her after class with praise that she did an excellent job and that the baby was adorable.  


Change and Gratitude

Being a new mom, while also taking part-time classes, has been a big time of change and transition for Juhui. What she states as a great habit for any student, she now arrives early for every class. She takes the extra time to try to settle her little one and get herself ready to learn. She has a sense of gratitude for being present in class and that her baby boy can hear all sorts of instruments throughout the day.  

As for advice to new parents, thinking about bringing their baby to class, Juhui says:  

Do your best to participate and contribute to the class while not ever being so inwardly stressed out like me! Bringing your newborn baby to the school might sound like a crazy thing, but it will teach you many things and appreciate the school community for its presence so much. It will make your new-parent time so much livelier, and this time of your life is usually really challenging and tough. Getting to expose yourself and the baby head-on into this welcoming environment will build a great foundation not only to your life as a student and a parent, but also for the baby’s future.


Positive Impacts

Overall, Juhui believes that being a mom and having the opportunity to continue her studies with her baby by her side, has turned her into a better student with a more responsible attitude. 

It helps me take in fresh air and reminds me that being a mom isn’t all I get to be during this time of my life. Even though it is lots of work to head outside with a baby, I see the positive impacts the Victoria Conservatory of Music community has on me by accepting me into the classes and allowing me into the school with the baby. There’s no time for me to go blue!

We are so proud of you Juhui! We love supporting and watching you on your musical journey!

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