October 17th, 2016

SPARK TO FLAME 2016-2017




AUDITIONS: Friday November 25, 5:30-9:30PM (Room 302) ; Saturday November 26, 8:30AM-5:30PM (Room 303)

FINAL REHEARSAL:  Thursday February 23 (time TBA)

CONCERT: Saturday February 25, 7:30PM


The VCM’s Spark to Flame is a program that supports emerging artists’ development, and is open to all students of the Victoria Conservatory of Music. It brings together the VCM’s Senior String Orchestra, along with members of the VCM faculty and Victoria Symphony Canada, to provide a high quality professional experience for both the students playing in the orchestra, as well as a group of promising student soloists, selected through audition, who perform under the direction of guest conductor Timothy Vernon, Founder and Artistic Director of Pacific Opera Victoria.

The program instills in musicians the importance of personal responsibility in creating a professional performance. During the weeks leading up to the Spark to Flame performance in February, participating soloists are given the opportunity to work with VCM faculty and management to develop their professional and artistic skills, and along with all participating students assist with promoting the program, which culminates in a concert at the Alix Goolden Performance Hall in February.

Helping students gain a sense of co-ownership in the program is essential to its success each year, and as such, following the Spark to Flame concert, the students are invited to participate in one or two run-out concerts, that take place in local Elementary or Middle schools in the Greater Victoria Area.  This also forms an essential part to the program, giving students the opportunity to grow interest in their younger peers in school, and collectively nurture a love for music in all.

If you are interested in participating, please submit an application form available at the front office.


Instrumental applicants must audition with the concerto, or the movement of the concerto, they wish to play in the concert. Concertos for more than one instrument will be accepted. The audition will be 15 minutes long.  Candidates should bring one original copy of their audition repertoire to the audition for the adjudicator.

Please note: Candidates must also research the instrumentation for the piece they wish to present and include this information in the space below marked “Audition Repertoire”.

For 2017, the series will focus on instrumental works and vocal arias/duets compatible for Chamber orchestra accompaniment (i.e. with VCM String Orchestra + 2FL, 2Ob, 2CL, 2Bn, and 2Hn), and is open to all students currently registered at the Victoria Conservatory of Music for the 2016-2017 academic year, who have also been registered in studio instruction for more than one year at the VCM, OR who are currently enrolled in either the Collegium, Opera Studio, Advanced Voice Workshop, or Postsecondary Diploma program. The final realization of winds, brass, and percussion parts may be transcribed to the piano at the discretion of the audition committee.

Applicants must provide their own accompanist.

Notification of results will be Friday December 9 2016 or earlier.  Soloists will be chosen based on their performance in the audition. However, programming and representation from all disciplines may be considered.

For more information, please contact Rosabel Choi, Assistant Program Director, at: 250.386.5311 ext. 2190, or


April 4th, 2016

String Updates for May

Suzuki Department Group-class Dress Rehearsal: Wood Hall, May 14th from 3:15-5:30

April 4th, 2016

String Updates for April

Parent Class (open to all traditions of string education, but designed by Suzuki instructors).

Do WHAT with that violin —  EVERYDAY??
Parent Class to the rescue!

Do you have questions, and a burning desire to connect with others who are wadding through practice issues & motivation – or just need the comfort of speaking with those who have gone through and come out the other side to tell their story?  Join us in a class built just for you!

Parental support is vital to your child’s musical development… but how? Especially when you have tried, but you just can not seem to work easily and happily together with your child over practicing? Or perhaps you and your child do work well together, but you would like some new ideas for making home practice more fun, and are craving some support. You deserve some help, and here we are!

Be Prepared to Receive

While some of you are old veterans, some of you are just beginning your musical education. Regardless of your experience, you will enjoy:

•    Articles which will clarify the Suzuki method, and top suggestions on how to most easily practice and communicate with your child
•    Pick up and/or purchase books on practicing and the Suzuki method
•    Discuss and receive answers to questions regarding home practice sessions, and how to best support your child through a formidable time of development

Be Prepared to Share

•    Have a question on how to make practice better, easier, more efficient? Bring all your burning questions to the table, and we will do our best to solve them!
•    Do you have a success story on how difficult practice sessions evolved or even transformed into something easy and fun? Please consider coming and sharing it with other parents – we would love to hear from you!

Please Join Us
Friday April 29th
5:45pm – 7:45pm
Room 303 for parents
Room 302 for children for supervised play time & a kid-friendly movie.
Snacks Provided

Looking forward to seeing you!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Suzuki Department Coordinator Catheryn Kennedy:


February 22nd, 2016

String Department Notices


Welcome to the VCM’s String Department notice board. This page is where the VCM will post news and other information related to our String Department programs. Bookmark the page or drop in regularly to keep in the know.