Basic Brass (7-10 years)

Program Outline

Engage your child in the world of brass playing at a young age and watch them flourish musically, socially and academically. This active group class introduces young students to french horn or trombone. Interactive games and activities foster music reading and writing along with solo and group playing in a supportive environment. At both VCM Downtown and Westhills locations.

Available at both Downtown and Westhills locations.

Program Details

Returning Spring 2023


Joanne Allers

Joanne Allers, B.Ed, M.Mus, has experienced a rich musical education encompassing mentorship and instruction from musicians and educators in Edmonton and Chicago. After graduating from the U of A, and teaching for the Edmonton Public School Board, Joanne benefited from four years of trumpet study in Chicago, studying primarily with Mr Luther Didrickson (Northwestern University) and Mr Mark Ponzo (Northern Illinois University), but also with William Scarlett (Chicago Symphony Orchestra), the late Arnold Jacobs, and Barbara Butler (Rice University). While residing in Calgary for 15 years, Joanne performed with Altius Brass Ensemble, with highlights including performing with the Bach Society (…)