Vocal Diction and IPA

Program Outline

Lyric diction skills for classical singing are taught through active practice and learning the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).  Application of skills learned takes place in spoken and sung practice, in-class repertoire coaching/preparation, and written work.  A focus on optimal articulator functioning teaches students to sing text clearly and expressively with vocal ease.  One language (English, Italian, German and French) is taught each term on a rotational cycle.

Program Details

Term 1: Sep 5 - Dec 5 • English
Term 2: Jan 9 - Apr 9 • Italian

Mon & Thu • 10:00 - 11:00am
$406.20/term • Downtown



Kiiri Michelsen

Canadian-Norwegian mezzo-soprano Kiiri Michelsen is active in performance, teaching (voice/lyric diction), coaching (lyric diction) and research (lyric diction). Voice teaching (Dept of Postsecondary Studies – VCM/Camosun Diploma in Music Performance;  Ann & George Nation Conservatory School of Classical Music) The ultimate goal of Kiiri’s teaching approach is the discovery of each singer’s unique sound.  In […]