Ear-Training – “Stay Tuned”

Program Outline

A well-trained musical ear is one of the most important assets any musician can have. When learning to play or sing music we start with learning that there is a difference between “hearing” music, and “listening to” music.  Ear-training is an integral part of learning music from the very beginning. The skills developed through Ear-Training will make the learning and performing of music much easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Students enrolled in studio instruction are encouraged to add Ear-Training and theory instruction, as complementary classes that perfectly integrate with weekly instrumental or vocal lessons.

Students preparing for RCM exams, may require extra help setting up a practice regime for their ear-training component, or need “fine tuning” to help ensure they do well on their exam.  The VCM offers short upgrading courses during its Summer Academy as well as lessons throughout the year (See Studio Instruction for more details). Students learn how to effectively practice intervals, chords, chord progressions, play-backs, rhythm clap-backs, and rhythmic reading to match their instrumental level.

Program Details

6 x 60 min • Class dates and times to be arranged with Theory coordinator • $126 • Downtown


Crystal Wiksyk

Crystal Wiksyk is a theory and musicianship instructor at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, where she coordinates the Classical Music Theory program within the Ann & George Nation Conservatory of Classical Music. Crystal teaches group classes as well as individual lessons at the VCM, and has taught theory and musicianship classes for the VCM/Camosun College Diploma program. She is the co-author of three publications for the Royal Conservatory of Music, and also leads the Music Theory programming for the VCM’s Summer Academy. Crystal is a Royal Conservatory certified theory teacher and long-time member of the BC Registered Music Teachers Association.